Mined stone block that wasn't even touched


This was recorded at Griffen-Land One. I found this mined block of stone and it seems no one was there because I was mining there.

Can anyone explain this?

May look like normal air pockets but when you look closely you can see particles.

Device info (incase needed): iPad Air (WiFi+Cellular model) iOS 12.1.3

World made June 4, 2014 as a cloud server.


Nothing special, probably a naturally generated part of a mine, have you seen how they start to become smaller?


I don’t see any mined stone in that screenshot.


Stretched the image using paint so you can get an idea, it easily was fixed with repair


Oh sorry, I was looking at accessible areas, where it could have been mined. No, the block was just generated damaged.


How did it do that?


The same way it makes a space into any block. For example, if a world is created with water in one spot it can be frozen or not, and if a block is placed it can be damaged or not, and how damaged it is can also be set.


This looks normal.


I honestly am surprised by this rare occurrence as I never knew about this “feature”. I suppose your explanation does in fact make sense.