Mining like a pro! Blockheads April Advent Calendar (Day 4)

Time :clock10: to :two: mine :pick:

In blockheads, it is very important to get yourself some ores. You’re gonna need all your irons, coppers, tins, and gold. But mining can be very difficult. So here are some few pro tips on what you can do to improve your mining session.

So… to start, just like the previous exploring thread, your gonna need some essentials!

  • Many pickaxes
  • A shovel
  • Chests
  • A bed
  • Lanterns (Torches suck)
  • Ladders
  • A diamond pickaxe
    If you don’t have a diamond pickaxe, learn how to get TCs very fast.
    If you’re struggling to get a lot of food, check out the farming thread, and you’ll have food for days.

So, to begin, you’re gonna need to find yourself a cave. If you can’t find one, dig below the ground and eventually you will. As you can see here, I have dug a few blocks underground and was lucky enough to find myself a cave.


It is also an efficient way to just dig straight down. This isn’t minecreft, gravity technically doesn’t exist at all in blockheads :joy:
And also make sure you have ladders, because there’s no easy way out. And ladders are very easy to craft a lot of.

You know what? Let’s spice things up! I’m gonna start building a quarry that goes all the way to lava.

After hours of mining straight down, I have found many resources and gems. And also I have chests full of stone because of this, which I’m gonna use later on.


Hey, look who I found :slight_smile:


I’m gonna save you for later :wink:

Here we go! We found a proper vein of oil! Luckily, I have enough diamonds to craft myself a diamond pickaxe, and got so much oil in no time!


Look at all this stuff! Wow!



I am hungry for steel lanterns. I want to eat it.

You know what? I want more! Catch me tomorrow where I mine a humungus tunnel to find more ores.


Absolutely loved this! So helpful for me and my new single player world. Thank you ever so much!

Magnets are also good for iron ore (they give 5 instead of 3) if you can’t afford a gem pickaxe.

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I have never seen such a large vein of oil!

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I really like these, the quarry is very creative I will try it sometime