Mining Styles

I’ve been trying out different mining styles and I’ve come to share them with you.

[U]Strip Mining[/U]

Dig down until you reach the center of the Earth

On the way grab ores and other things that you want

If you reach any caves explore them

I don’t prefer using this method but, it’s quicker and easier


This is basically finding caves

When you find a cave make sure you have plenty of torches

Grab ores and other things while exploring

Make sure you have a weapon if you encounter a cave troll

This is a harder method and sometimes the cave might be small

[U]Treasure Hunting[/U]

If you’re traveling around the world, and you see some ores near the surface grab them

When you see a cave go inside, don’t be afraid to venture the unknown

This is basically a combination of the two above.

I hope these tips have worked!:wink:

I mostly use a combination of the first two methods, where I dig a vertical shaft (strip mining) until I hit a cave, then I explore the entire place and make a new downwards mining shaft when I exhaust all the resources in the cave.

Rinse and repeat.

My style is strip mining with a slight twist. I have checkpoints with a bed, a tool bench, and a chest with resources. My last checkpoint is near the lava, therefore, a hot spring is needed. Thanks for reading/contributing.

These ideas are really good if people have anymore different styles please post it down below

I usually find a cave that leads to the earth surface and I explore it. Once I’m done I dig down until I find another mine

I make a stair mine. Just dig down diagonally with enough space for a blockheads to walk, not crawl.

I make vertical shafts downward and explore them. When I reach lava, I go around collecting resources, most importantly gold. OR, I use lots of tools (unless steel pickaxe and tin spade, recreate if nessesary) and go right through a hill. This should be evedent on some of my pictures. This is my least favorite method.

Rince and repeat.
That’s funny.

I have pictures of examples of the styles:

treasure hunting
strip mining

I f you have any pictures of your mine please post them down below… or not okay you can go now:p

Like most, I use a combination of strip mining and cave exploring. I mine two wide and am on my way to the magma using stone, bronze, and iron pickaxes (i’m still a nub). Pictures below.




Staircase mining: Maybe I still go by Minecraft logic, but I dig a staircase downwards as to not fall in lav-OH WAIT.

It’s 2D, so knock yourself out with the vertical mining. But staircases produce the most stone(Pshaw, like you’ll ever need it.)

Very important Mining tip:
Every time you get to a dead end in a cave or tunnel, be sure to always light it up. You’ll never know if there is another cave next to it.

Yeah. I’ve found cavest that go over by multiple small caves that are invisible from eachother unless you light the cave up.

Same here. I find it kind of annoying, but that’s just me. shrugs

That’s actually a good idea good tip:D

This is a great way but you should just use bronze tools for mining

Another important tip:

Be sure to always bring a gold tool bench, some portals, and a portal chest (assuming that you have two or more blockheads), whenever you go mining, because, who knows? You might break your pickaxe/s and/or forget something at the surface (and you might want to go back up and get it, so you place a portal at your mining site then tp to the surface). And also, bring a few chests with you (because mining usually gives me chests full of ore and gems).

Why would you use bronze when you can have steel?

well it’s cheaper and in his range

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you like bronze and it’s your style, then use it! If you like any other material for a pickaxe, then that’s cool too!

Just commenting before it becomes a fight on whether bronze or steel is better. :stuck_out_tongue: