Missing items?

Heya, so I was playing on a multiplayer server, and while transferring my inventory to a chest, the baskets disappeared.I was the only one playing on the server at the time, and when I relogged the baskets were still missing from the chest.I checked the ground as well, but no baskets were found.Is there any way to recover my items, it was mostly chests filled with multiple ores and gems.

If you own the server, you could ask milla for a rollback, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that if the items weren’t super rare or hard to get, because a rollback deletes all progress on the server that happened after the incident.

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It sounds like @GlassRose had a similar problem to the one you’ve described.

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First tip: Don’t nest items. Putting inventory vessel items, such as baskets, chests, safes, etc, containing items into other inventory items, i.e. Russian/ matryoshka dolls, is a good way to lose as much inventory as you can in one move.

Second tip: If you lose inventory like this stop doing stuff completely. Just sit and watch the game for a while. At least one minute. If it’s lag the items will reappear. If it’s packet loss or data corruption you will know when they don’t reappear.

Third tip: If you are playing on a device that apparently has performance issues in the game, refrain from moving items inside inventory vessel items altogether. Move them in stacks instead. It takes longer, but if your resource allocation maxes out you are less likely to lose too much stuff.