Mob Breeding

I know to be in order to get a full set of mobs, which normally includes meditating/sleeping until you get a new color. Problem is, I play mainly on my own Custom Rules Public Server World. Meditating/sleeping is easy when it’s just your own blockheads, but, how do I get it to speed up the time while other players are online??

Well, it depends on how many players there are. If there are only 1 or 2, you can politely ask them to sleep or med for a bit. This can be seen as a nuisance, however, if you are asking a lot. I find that more than 2 players is just too hard to coordinate everyone meditating at once. I wait for slower server times when I’m the only one online usually.


Yes, it can get extremely annoying after a while. It seems to happen in so many servers.

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Yes, It does. :rofl:

Probably best to get them from your Single world but then again, it is custom rules, so I guess you can’t do that.

I guess the next best thing is own a lot of cages, tame a LOT of dodos of the same type and carry on with your day. Also a good idea to have plenty of full feeders too and LOTS of apple trees.

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Good idea. :smiley: