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Since I saw someone post a little Plants and Trees FAQ, I decided to steal the idea and make a guide for mobs. This will be updated as the game becomes updated. If I get something wrong, correct me right away by replying to this thread or shooting a PM

New Mobs (3/26)–>Sorry, been quite busy since these updates but at last I can do some updating bit by bit.
Farms (2/10/13)
Version 1.1 Bug Fix (2/7/13)
More Clarification; was wrong on a few parts so I corrected it! Also, detail on Donkey spawning. (1/27/13)
Clarification, updated a bit of info (1/19/13)

Total Mobs: 5

Drop Bear

Description: An animal that wanders around, mostly at night. They are a hostile mob, but only during the night. Some think this is a monkey, but it’s actually a drop bear. This is the most dangerous mob in game at the moment other than the scorpion (on land), because it can damage the player. The only other aggressive mob besides the shark and scorpion

Where it is: Trees. Look for a leathery texture in trees that do not seem to belong. Also, at night, it will crawl around with glowing eyes. See pictures for examples.

Life Cycle: The drop bear lives and ages. It can die if it is in a tree for a long period of time and falls. This is noticeable when drop loot is seen on the base of a tree. Burning it will kill it, as of Version number 1.1.

Health: Killed from about four hits by fist, two hits by a flint/Bronze sword (thanks Nervid), and one hit from the Iron Sword. It can also burn to death.

Damage: The drop bear deals more or less 1/6th the bar of health and happiness.

Attack Pattern: This bear runs around on all fours at night, and is about the speed (or perhaps a little more) than the dodo bird. It DOES attack automatically if you’re in range (although only at night). If hit, the bear will attack back; dealing above damage and proceed to crawl away.

Special: The drop bear will sometimes climb up into nearby trees around it and look sort of like a piece of leather covering either one or two blocks of leaves on a tree. While it’s in the tree, and you meditate, sleep, etc. under one of these trees, it’s pretty likely that the drop bear will drop down upon you: damages you (see above) as well as wakes you up from sleep and meditation if you’re doing so. Also, if you attack the bear while in the tree with it, it will attack back but stay in the leaves. One important note about drop bears in trees is that if you cut down the tree this bear is residing in, the bear will fall (and NOT take fall damage) and scurry away to the next closest tree and take a lodging there. If you are just standing under a tree at night or climbing a tree at night it WILL attack you if you’re in range. It does so by crawling off the tree, hitting you, and climbing back up. (Thanks DXblade, mingo, and the other posters). When you burn their tree, they won’t move from the 2 leaves that they are on until the leaves disappear; when that happens they fall to the ground (taking no fall damage) and go to chase you. If you run away while the tree is on fire (and zoom out for safety) it will fall to the ground. It will then go to your direction for a couple blocks, then turn back to the nearest tree. (Thanks to PikaTronX9) Also, if a drop bears tree is cut down it will attack what cut it down. Down scramble for a new tree.

Drops: The drop bear drops two items. Usually drops an amount of both, but rarely, it drops only one.

Dropped items (would like confirmation on quantities):

Fur (1-3)

Leather (1-3)

Dodo Bird

Description: An animal that is known for its delicious meat, this bird is likely going to become extinct again due to hungry blockheads.

Where it is: Somewhat common; spawn mostly around apple trees (thanks to Ainia/Jeff), but if you rid of all the dodo birds in a little area it will take a bit of time for respawn/repopulation…
There are also dodo bird eggs: small blue eggs that can hatch over time (when placed down). These come from mated dodo birds, but they are sorta rare (I’ve only seen one; played for maybe over a eighty hours of this game).

Life Cycle: The Dodo Bird lives and ages and can die of natural causes. Usually, it seems to die around certain plants (flax plants?) though it can probably happen anywhere. The Dodo bird reproduces, and also drop eggs once in a while though it is rare (thanks nailatixela).

Health: Takes four hits from a fist to die, two from a flint spear, and one from a bronze sword and higher.

Damage: The Dodo bird does not attack the player on any circumstances.

Movement Pattern: If attacked, the dodo bird will run one direction for a few seconds, then slow down to the point where the player can attack again. Passive movement is same as the donkey and drop bear.

Drops: Two items. Can drop one or both of the items.

Dodo Bird Feather (1-2)

Raw Dodo Bird Meat (1)–>can be cooked


Description: The most exciting mob, in my opinion, which is tame-able and has wonderfully fun controls. There are almost no disadvantages of having a Donkey.

Where it is: Reported to be mostly in one of the hemispheres (North) naturally. However, they can be spawned with carrot patches: huge ones that cover a lot of the screen. When attempting to spawn them, don’t have the screen centered on the farm: let them spawn naturally. Personally, I found mine only on the left side of my portal.

Life Cycle: Live, can be born as a baby (baby donkeys are not tame-able; trying to tame them with carrots will just make your blockhead hit the donkey with the carrot). If a carrot farm is created, the donkey will sometimes spawn near the patches. Can die from player murdering them, or natural deaths [lack of food? sunshine? too little room?].

Health: [Adult] Dies from 8 hits by player fist, (?) hits by flint spear, (4) hits by bronze sword, (?) hits by iron sword.

Damage: The donkey will not hurt the player under any circumstances as of yet.

Movement: Same as the dodo bird and crawling drop bear; when hit it will run around for a bit before slowing down after a few seconds.

Adult Donkey: Can drop either one, both, or none:

Carrots (1)

Leather (1-2)

Baby Donkey: Nothing

Taming and Riding:

Use a Carrot on a Stick (crafted with one carrot, one string, and a couple of sticks) and click on an adult donkey. If you see your blockhead mounted, and an instruction for new controls (Tilt to move and swipe upwards to jump), then your player is now riding around the world in style. Note that the donkey does not need to be fed. It may die however under certain conditions–however this is only a possibility. Just have a maintained carrot farm and no worrying needs to be done about the donkeys. Also note that the donkey can jump two blocks high, but only if the player is mounting it. It can’t jump if the player is not riding it. The donkey also cannot fare well in the water (can’t jump, slower speed than the player swimming) so it’s advisable to create a donkey stable at the edge of the water. Thus donkeys are the best thing in the game.

Want to make farms?
Farms are a way to get essentially “farm up” animals–whether to get a lot of a mob, a plant/fruit, etc. They are created with conditions of spawning the thing you want to spawn.

Example: I want to make a donkey farm!
Solution: Set up a huge farm about ~35 blocks high with rows stretching every ~5 blocks in height in dirt. Make sure to plant carrots in every block of a row (this is the spawning requirement for donkeys). Soon enough, donkeys will spawn.

Example: I want to make a dodo farm!
Solution: Make a huge farm that’s open to the sky (there needs to be light) and plant red things (apples, etc.) as that is the spawning requirement for dodos. Soon, you’ll have a farm full of dodos. This type of farm is harder to make because 1.) Apple trees to a larger space to grow in vs. carrots in donkey farms. Also, there needs to be sunlight for allowing the dodos to spawn.


SHARRRK! These are aggressive mobs that inhabit the oceans/large bodies of water that are pretty much an underwater terror. They are sorta-kinda big; one block high and about four blocks (more or less) wide. They are a pain to deal with and can hurt you pretty bad.

Where it is: I found most of mine in the ocean to my left. It’s close to my house and in two completely zoomed out screens (on an iPhone 5) I can only find about one shark. Farms are possible to make–make sure the amount of space though is large for the sharks to swim around

Life Cycle: There are baby sharks! Pretty much just swim around though, and naturally spawn throughout water sources. I dunno its spawning conditions for specific farming besides just water.

Health: [Adult] It takes 20-21 full fist hits (I only had one trial) to bring down this beast. [other weapons I dunno. will test later or use others’ statistics.]

Damage: It demolished my health in what seems to be three hits, pretty quickly. Didn’t have much time to check out the exact amount per hit though.

Movement: Swims around the ocean; it will attack players within a certain radius (more or less five blocks, guesstimating) and after a single attack, will either follow up with another attack or swim around again. Will be aggressive again after a short period of time OR when the player attacks the shark again. Haven’t seen any connection between the shark and other mobs yet. Nor have I tested getting a shark out in land/burning a shark. I will keep this in mind in the future.

Drops: ~9 pieces of Raw Fish, 1 Fur Coat (and maybe other equipment), 1 Shark Jaw


If you need pictures of farms, feel free to request them in the comments! (:

Of course, it’s work in progress. Again, if you see something that should be corrected tell me so! Helpful critique is encouraged!


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Guide to Safety with Creatures (Wiki)

Actually, the dropbear will go out of its way to attack you, unprovoked.


Actually that is not true, I walked past one in the dead of night, and it didn’t attack me, and I know it was one because of the glowing eyes. They will attack you if you cut their tree down, but only if they land on you.


Takes me two hits with a bronze sword.


Were you within range?
I’ve had a dropbear climb down a tree and run after me to attack.


Same I was in the tree picking fruit and it moved over to attack me


and the post is messed up at the donkeys Health and Drops, you need to fix it. :slight_smile:


I walked under a tree with and dropbear in it once to test and it crawled down the tree to attack me then crawled back up. Fact. I never climbed up the tree, damaged it in any way, or provoked the dropbear in any way. It came down specifically to attack me. It moved quickly down the tree and hit me before I was out from under the tree and the. Quickly climbed back up to its spot. I only does this in the night.


How do you get dodo eggs? I heard you can get dodo eggs which will hatch into dodos, but I have never seen one. I only see dodos occasionally, do they lay them on the ground over time?


Would you say it “dropped”? :wink: That’s correct, they will only attack you if you walk under their tree at night, you cut down their tree or you attack them.


They do lay them on the ground over time. I’ve come across one so far.

Great guide by the way…thanks for taking the time to put one up.


It did not “drop”. It crawled down the tree down the trunk and walked up to me and attack me then walked back up to the closest tree and stayed there.


Where can I craft that? It isn’t in any of my workbenches …


Hey there ShieldAxer! The carrot on a Stick is created by going to a Craft Bench, which is made from a Work Bench (Made with one dirt and one stick). After creating a craft bench (which also allows you to make baskets) upgrade it to LEVEL 2 with one LIMESTONE. After upgrading, you can create the carrot on the stick. The item is actually made with one string, one stick, and one carrot.


I like your Blockhead’s nameXD


Yep. My friend named him for me, as well as creating the look of the character. I kinda didn’t like it at first, but it felt sorta entertaining to see “yolo swag” getting exhausted and injured. It seemed comical.


Quite. Haha


Dodo’s are spawned near apple trees. I have 2 eggs but haven’t tried to see if it hatches since new dodos will just appear by apple trees anyway. I’ll let the next one hatch if it will though to see if there is a baby dodo.


I don’t think they can hatch with this update (but I may be wrong). The eggs ARE consumable though.


Wrong. They do hatch.