Mobs FAQ


Oh my god. So there are babies?


What happens if I burn the dropbear’s tree?


when you burn their tree,they wont move from the 2 leaves that they are on,until the leaves disappear,and when that happens,the fall to the ground(taking no fall damage)and go to chase you.if you run away while the tree is on fire,and zoom out for safty,it will fall to the ground,go to your direction for a couple blocks,then turn back to the nearest tree


Oh, that sucks. Thanks for letting me know.


4 Hits with my bronze sword seemed to have killed the donkey.


Dodos seem to spawn (or at least come) in areas with apple trees.


Dodos hatch eggs I’ve had many of them( dodo farms ) Yes they hatch. donkeys drop leather and carrots and FYI flint spear=I think 2 hits


Updated, and thank you all for the info! Keep it up!

Jeff, flint spear kills what in 2 hits?


Donkeys get killed in two hits


Can you check the number for Bronze for me?


I kept 2 donkeys in one of my stables, and both of them died.


Sorry but I could do iron


There is a drop bear crawling around and it’s daytime ! What do?


KILL IT :smiley:

Or just run away like a little girl… xD


I dug a tunnel under it cx thx man


Thanks and well done, Fizz, this FAQ has earned a sticky.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

No worries, they don’t get agressive unless it’s night. If you hit them, though, they will react.


Sweet thanks for this! I was curious what mobs were currently in game!


Tanks Fizz :smiley:


Congrats Fizz! Amazing guide!!