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Actually The Donkeys can die naturally they seem to live longer in the wild then in my stables, I wonder WHY? lack of food or stress?


I believe food and light help donkeys to live longer, but I’m not sure. I have 18 carrot plants outside to the left of my portal near my house, and donkeys spawn there and live quite a while.


This, and also perhaps space. If it is one block wide and two blocks tall it doesn’t seem to survive for long. However, I will be sure to add natural death! My bad!

Also, thanks for the support! I appreciate it!


Once My blockhead was waking near to a tree with a dropbear in it in the day and it came down and attacked


Did your blockhead just wait under the tree or walk past? There’s a difference between if you just stood there and when you’re actually moving. Also, was it complete daylight? It may be dawn/approaching evening.


How do you put a spoiler in your signature


How do you farm drop bears


I think there are more mobs now…


Don’t forget about sharks (or fish?). I know you need to spend some time on these, just pointing it out.


please update with fish and sharks


They do but Dodos lay eggs very rarely, make sure at least 3 are around or they will likely die before they can lay eggs.
Best idea- Try making a farm


FIZZ! You have to put in the new update!


My friend said that baby sharks spawn when a shark gets too old and disappears, and poof! Baby Shark. (I do not trust him…)


i don’t think you should trust him, Fur.


I have seen that happen several times…


Do sharks respawn?:confused: I think I killed all the sharks on my way to the South Pole…


Yes, they do. As long as you have fish and kelp.


Hehehhe… Do fish respawn?


Mingo, you can’t “make”(lol) Dodo eggs. Don’t worry: Dodo eggs are quite rare(kind of). They are a pale blue, and about the size of a Dodo itself. These eggs come from “mated” Dodos, (like chickens) which is kind of rare.

Places to find Dodo eggs:
Its always good to look for Dodo eggs or wait for them in a Dodo farm. Sometimes(you can’t tell if the dodo is mated or not, it doesn’t look diff) they lay eggs. If you want dodo eggs, you’ll have to be patient. Dodo eggs can hatch other dodos(kind of like donkeys, so it isn’t THAT rare) making your farm grow & grow. If you want dodo eggs make a dodo farm(this is what I did, I have 20 eggs :D) and wait. After a couple days(BH days) you’ll see some eggs if you have enough dodos.


I have 40 eggs so the’re mot that rare. And i tend to eat them so… And max shark length is 5 blocks and amount of fish dropped varies by shark size. Catching fush with a pole gives more fish then spearing one and baby sharks spawn when theres a healthy poplation of fish. Large sharks can’t spawn. They just grow up.