Mobs FAQ


Iron sword: 2 hits for adult and 1 hit for baby


Drop Bears can run in packs of 3 or 4 and have attacked unprovoked. Yikes


Sorry if this is too early, but add scorpions


i dont see the person who made this thread on often at all :stuck_out_tongue: i dont think theyll be added for a while


I think someone that IS active that makes a copy of this one, and adds Scorpions. The last time Fizz was online was long ago.


Can you please add the new mob, scorpions. They take 2-3 hit to kill with a flint spear, when you attack one if others are within a certain radius they will also attack. They are hostile at all times of day, but only shoot acid at night. When killed they drop acid, and possibly something else.


Thanks! Do you mean one different from the scorpion that was introduced with update 1.5? I think one scorpion is enough, to be honest. They scare me!


EDIT for Fish!

Description: A peaceful animal similar to the dodo; Fish are known for its delicicious meat.

Where it is: Can spawn with kelp, more kelp: More fish. It’s probably a good idea to wait until you meditated kelp rather than finding one. Will reproduce, spawn… it’s atleast 85% impossible to empty a full tank of fish, unless you have few/no kelp.
Life Cycle: The fish will be born, grow, mate, give birth, populate, and possibly die. I never seen one die before.
Health: can die by 2-3 hits with fists, 1 for other weapons.
Damage: The fish does not attack the player on any circumstances.
Movement: Moves like slow sharks, once enclosed (at least 1 block) or attacked, starts swimming faster. If left alone (by BH)/few seconds after being attacked, it will slow down to original again.

Drops: 1 item or rarely none;

Raw fish (1-4)


Use a Fishing rod that can be crafted at the craft bench (crafted with 5 of each item: sticks, worms and string) Then go to a body of water with dozens of fish. Select the fishing rod and click cast then swipe to the water with fish. Eventually a fish will be attracted and you get raw fish.
Hope it helps :smiley:


It would be cool to add a zombie mob


No it wouldn’t don’t try to tempt dave


I was sleeping a hole and a dropbear ataked me while I was still sleeping. This was at night.


I was in a hole sleeping and a dropbear ataked me for no reason.


WOW THANKS!!! i love the mods cuz i love fighting.


WOW THANKS!!! i love the mobs cuz i love fighting.


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