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Add cave trolls


It looks like sharks spawn from fish if the space of water is 40x40
And fish spawn in kelps

You not yet write that fizz


Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks with my daughter and found myself enjoying it! I’m an Ex Minecraft Business Elite Player, but found block heads easier to play on Tablet.

Currently busy making steel for tracks and trains as well as more Carbon Fibres for a spare Jet Pack

I know some tricks to kill aggressive mobs without getting hurt much or at all, would this be considered a spoiler to share?

Let me know…

as for damage received:

DropBear: will bite once and leave you alone, unless attacked - Kill: Iron Axe, 2 hits; Iron Sword, 1 hit

Scorpions: will sting every time you get close, they will shoot poison at night and kill you quickly (they can shoot through blocks that are only touching corners) - Kill: Iron Sword or Golden Bow 2 hits

Cave trolls: one hit takes almost half your health, but easy to out run - Kill: at least 12 hits with a IronSword

Sharks: one bite also takes about half your health, Kill: unsuccessful so far (only tried once) it out swam me, Golden Bow doesn’t seem to work under water and I didn’t have my spear

Feel free to correct me, I did some of these things a while back and might remember wrong…


You forgot trolls and scorpions


May I make a new FAQ? I see lots of mistakes and missing information. Or… It could be separate FAQs? For each animal?


The OP hasn’t made a change since 2013, so it obviously would be out of date.


I think so Taffy. Then again, most people on these forums are well acquainted with all the game animals. It would be useful for new players coming here to find answers though.


I’ve already made a donkey guide. Next up: Dropbear Guide!


the mobs FAQ are missing one: cave troll


Is it? Heres details.

Cave trolls are blue creatures that look like frost giants. They have one eye. They are very strong and have high health. They spawn randomly in caves deep underground. If killed, they drop ice armor. Near a cave troll, there will normally be : 1 gold chest, 1 lvl 1 trade portal, 2 ice torches. Easy method to kill one : make a one block high tunnel and shoot from inside. Cave trolls only fit in two block tunnels.



This FAQ was most helpful! Thx for making this! :slight_smile:


You know what? It was for me too! Last February before I had the courage to start talking on the forums, this post was the first post I actually printed off to easily reference while playing. Only after two full days of playing with this guide did I print off a few of the others too. I’m glad that others are still benefitting from it. It was very well written and is one of the guides all new players should read.


There are now cave trolls.


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