Since the game stopped getting features why not make an official website that you get mods from that people made. I think this is the only feature that should exceptionally be added to the game (if there won’t be any more features).

He would have to do a lot of stuff to allow mods


minecraft doesn’t have great mobile mod support for a reason: it’s much more difficult to do, you have a lot more options on a computer, but blockheads is strictly mobile only so regardless of updates this may be a bit more difficult to achieve than most suggestions

Mods would be another feature that’d have to be added. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a good point though, but I’m not sure this technically belongs in #suggestions, technically modding is third party in a cases, terraria also has mods, Forge for Minecraft and tModLoader for Terraria were both created by people not apart of Mojang (or Notch) and 505 Games (or Red) respectively

in other words this isn’t actually a suggestion for the developers, someone else would have to create this on some advanced knowledge of game code, so it’s not entirely up to the team, but it can be prohibited in some circumstances

If there was mods it would be likely a mobile app because files are hard to combine with apps I think

yeah, it’s also just not as common compared to computer games in general

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It would be pretty good, but MajicDave would probably not add mods. It’s possible if you alter the game’s code to add new features though. You’d have to have some coding knowledge to do so.

right, and again it’s difficult enough with mobile and you need to know exactly what blockheads is built with so at this point simple answer: not happening

I was kinda hesitating to put this in the suggestions because it doesn’t look like a suggestion but idk where to put it. Also what i’m trying to tell the Devs is to at least make us be able to code the game (to add mods) Because right now i believe the game is not open files.

ah well i’m sure it’s fine, #general-discussion might be another plausible option, not sure

It does, because Dave would have to do a lot of work to get the game supporting modding properly. At present it’s a grey area, not officially supported, because it’s quite complicated. He would really have to provide a full development interface.

Sapiens will support modding more readily, because it’s a computer game.

thank you for clarifying that