Mods should see discovered areas


I have followed the discussion about whether admins should be able to ban other admins. In my eyes the problem is that it is very difficult to see if the potential admins have bad intentions, some behave inconspicuously for months. As mods they could do much less damage.

Personally, I make people admins instead of mods because they can then keep an eye on all players, even in previously undiscovered areas. This is essential to enforce rules effectively. To solve this problem, I think mods should also see all previously discovered areas.


I would be fine with this, but I think some servers purposely don’t have admins so nobody can see everything.


HOw about a command to allow mods to see discovered areas?


Bye the way, I did testing and you can unadmin other admins while being admin rank yourself. I’m not sure if this was implemented after 1.7, but last time I check you could ban and kick other admins.


Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile: In another recent thread people were discussing whether this power (to unadmin other admins) should be abolished because there were always rogue admins who unadmined / banned all the other admins. I‘ve tried to find a solution how it would be less necessary to admin players bc they‘re very powerful and can cause a lot of damage :wink: But thanks anyways I‘m always glad for help :blush:


What about a command to allow certain players to see discovered areas? Including mods?

Just an idea i had, after seeing GGB’s


It would be really cool in general if you could allow others to do specific things via command! This could be useful too if somebody far away from spawn wants to place a protection sign by themself :slight_smile:


That’s been there’s since release, and I can guarantee from experience it allows for tons of corruption.


I kinda like it. After all, mods are being tasked with watching over the server with a power no ordinary player have. They should be allowed to see everyone and every area discovered.