Money for new server

No, I will not use the quote feature, the comment consisted entirely of the paraphrase of what Dave had said, and I will not take an extra five minutes just to add a fancy box around that and had it been longer, I would have

Well I remember Dave saying that but not in that context, and the “fancy box” is a way of proving its real

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Well the quote could have just as easily been fakes

I can check it if you quoted it


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You gave a link to the post that you oh so well memorized that I’m talking about right now A change to server credit in 1.7

he would be making money if people actually payed for cloud severs like they 100% have to now

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It doesn’t cost that much to keep out-of-credit worlds in the cloud storage. Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:


“Thousands of dollars a month”

That’s taken out of contex, hey he could mean thousands of dollars a month to buy pizza

Quality (price) or quantity (number of inactive servers) who puts the amount of pizza they buy into a monthly rate it’s not out of context but it’s not specific either

If I’ve interpreted your suggestion correctly, you are suggesting to change cloud worlds to cost tc instead of real money, while deleting inactive, out-of-credit cloud worlds after 1 month of having no credit to save money, to cover the costs of hosting active worlds. Did I get your suggestion right?

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Very much so it’s balancing the active servers with the deleted servers and will also cause a temporary surge in revenue

There’s problems with your suggestion then, unfortunately.

Many players still have thousands, if not millions of time crystals from tc piracy before 1.7. Hence, if worlds were to be converted back to costing tc, more worlds funded with pirated tc will be created/will become active again, costing dave even more money by hosting the active servers which have not been rightfully paid for. Essentially, it creates a bigger problem.

Also, iAPs are much harder to hack than tc, so keeping cloud worlds costing iAPs largely resolves the issue of pirated cloud worlds.


Rapidly created worlds= cloud ban, simple

That’s a terrible system what’s if you buy a ton of tc

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Going back to my poinglt of parental controls disallowing plenty of children from playing with other people

How does that help?

Some kids want to make a world and it’s gonna be high quality ( but quality is just a self standard) but their parents do not allow in ap purchases heck all my (two) worlds came from videos

All yours might have come from ads put a lot were coming from pirated tc.

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