Money for new server


Umm sorry but wall up there at majic are not thinking hard enough so just instead of making it cost money to make a server just make it so that a server without tc for a month or somthing will be automaticcaly deleted so it wont clog up the server also if a bot sees a slow increment of say, 99 just ban have another bot ban them, easy you guys are killing your own game, i can never find an active server anymore (this comes from spamming random multiplayer) EDIT: sorry for the unprofessionalism


only a month? but what if someone had money after a month to add to their server?


The point isn’t to stop having a lot of severs it’s meant to stop people using hacked tc to make the severs and fund them.


Well they removed the old tc Pirateing thing AND the fact that some people want to have people join their world but they won’t be able to spend money on their game due to them being at a young age or something like that plus a second suggestion that I am sure will not get implemented but might be added in the other game that I hope will have a small reference to blockheads like having a small chance to look like a blockhead but back to my second suggestion somehow a more support based building system and some item that will show the stress on blocks and they will have an unspoken stress Val and a weight val that is independent from how long it takes to destroy a block where the stress Val is showing how many blocks are built alone it and what will their weight vals be where a glass block will have a low stress val and a medium weight val (val means value) as it is somewhat heavy I know this will be hard to implement but still I believe it’s a good idea, this comment is getting a bit long but I have ONE more suggestion a bit larger electrical thing so


There was a new way in 1.6, then in 1.7 they stopped TC Safes and made servers cost real money.

See another argument, and why the change was necessary here: A change to server credit in 1.7

Summary; It was down to two choices.

  • Remove Multiplayer
  • Make Servers Cost Real Money

It’s your responsibility to own a server. There are also many other great servers out there.

Each suggestion goes in it’s own topic unless they are very closely related to each other.
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Good readers, I don’t think you understood my point here, I’m saying that it’s better to remove the unused servers and the servers that are literally “free tc” and “tc safes” than make it impossible for half the people to have fun with other people plus I did. Not want to spam the forums with my own ideas so I’m cramming it all in one post but making my main point the tc issue and I am fully aware of the rules


If you want to have fun on severs just find a sever on the forums and join that. I’m not sure if you’ve ever made a game but what you’re asking them to do isn’t exactly easy they’re not exactly a triple A devolper. Removing unused severs is a terrible idea, why not just make them appear lower on the search list?


And how is it a bad idea to. Remove a server that has had no one on for years plus all the servers on the forums are inactive or not engaging in the sandbox element


What if someone wants to go back for nostalgia? NOPE because it wasn’t being funded for a certain time period it’s gone adios! Too bad for all the effort and time crystals you used there


I disagree, there have been a lot of great dead servers that have made a comeback years later, and I don’t think making it cost TC and just deleting it would solve the issue anyway. I’m sure Dave thought this all through.


Servers come servers go the go server are gone and the new servers are here thanks for the evidence br I’ve never seen a server make a comeback


I can say the same


It motivates people to keep the servers they want funded and the servers that are gone, gone


Honestly I like it better this way, if you don’t want to pay real cash for a sever you can just get a free Mac sever like I did, absolutely 0 payments ever


Because everyone has a Mac and also no one has restrictions to what they can download, think of the children!


I’d rather have less children owning servers to be honest.


I don’t own a Mac I got a free Mac sever hosted by Wingysam (another forum user who makes free make severs for people)

And as for the children part see Brer’s latest post


Bbbbuuuttttt not very many other adults have the time to play blockheads, a very time consuming game


What about teens? They actually have somewhat of the mental capacity to run a sever, I’m sorry but I would never stay on a sever with anyone younger than 14 as the owner, they are often unreasonable and rude.


Am I rude