Money money money!

I found an easter egg you would all like. When I was searching through the textures of blockheads I found some things you might like.

€- Gold Coin
¥- Bronze Coin
£-Time Crystal

Hope we can get lots of trolls and fun times with this.

I found this out a looooooong time ago. =D
But great to post it!

This is sort of Yesterday’s news - but it does bring up a question: Were these really “Easter Eggs” planted for the user to discover (sort of like Seed Genetics) or were they known from the start?

Dave specifically did this for signs, I believe.

This made me laugh…

Dave added this in place of €, £, and ¥ because they are all currencies. Since the Blockheads already has two different types of currency (time crystals and gold coins), real life money is unnecessary.

I like how we have these symbols. :smiley:

I’m trying to find it on my computer keyboard though…


Well, no luck so far…better do some more searching :smiley:

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Try alt+numpad, if you’ve got one. Or the number keys should work fine…

Well, I’ve found £, I’ve also found ¥…and I can’t find the other one…

Here’s the alt codes for a computer:

€ - euro sign - gold coin - 0128
¥ - yen sign - copper coin - 0165
£ - pound sign - time crystal - 0163

Just press the alt key while you type the numbers and then the symbol should appear.

Do you mean on the forum?

My numeric alternates:

1-¡ Â* 6-§
2-™ 7-¶
3-£ 8-•
4-¢ 9-ª
5-∞ 0-º

Cool! I already knew, but still cool.