Moonlight! (Cloud World)


Moonlight!: by -killerender-

Created: NOV 15, 2017. 18:54.

Server overview by GGB

World settings

RULES: Custom
PVP: Enabled
SEED: 42517110 (Custom seed)
TERRAIN: Quite Flat
TRADE PRICES: 10% highter when buying
TRADE PORTAL ITEMS: Requires discovery

Photos of the server

The main theme of the server

Much like atmos and the other worlds this world will go with building while also having a beautiful design. Each plot is in the left and right or up an elevator or too. You can also build away from spawn if you wish or even play normal there. There are also quests you may do albeit they as of April 2018 may be in short supply.

To get an idea of what the map looks like at spawn I have left this:)

It is important that you read this but you don’t have to read them but I recommended you read them. :smile:

You're starter kit includes the following:

2x Fur Coats
2x Leather Boots
10x Platinum coins.

The colors and water buckets are for coloring your coat at the crafting area, you may sell them if you wish. Please do not use the water provided to flood spawn. Thank you :slight_smile:

General rules

Harassing, bullying or anything along that lane is not allowed.

Raiding bases is allowed if they haven’t been maintained or are unprotected. And they can be taken over. If the owner wants it back please give them their base.

Griefing bases is allowed a little bit, but not too much. Some spend countless hours to build their things just to see it be destroyed.

Hacking, cheating, exploiting and duping is not allowed for obvious reasons, this is a legit world.

Do not ask or beg for anything please. Unless you need assistance like say an ownership sign or something else that’s allowed. But not asking for items or anything in general.

Please! No nudity, sexual talk or anything 18+. I will not permit that on this server.

Do not talk about personal issues including depression. And or personal information including: school, location, age, name and that stuff please.

Do not ask for administration or moderation or staff in general. this is earned, not given away at the start.

Please don’t litter chat with spam. Please!

Do not litter any items in general on the ground. There will be a dedicated place to throw you’re stuff including unicorns into the lava. Don’t actually throw animals in the garbage… :slight_smile:

Please do not threaten anyone including the owner that you will for example: “i’ll blow you up” or “throw someone down a cliff”, threats can be taken very seriously you know. And you may get arrested.

And last but not least. Please respect all staff including me that have to work hard :smiley:

If you’ve think you have been banned for no reason or recently got banned you can PM me about the ban but I may only give you Three tokens if you didn’t get banned for no reason. Once those tokens are out you can no longer come back to the server.


Only displayed in the welcome message.

Help and Support

Caught a bad player, have any questions or want to apply as a staff. Contact the owner on the forum. But if I’m not online you can contact the staff of the server to help you.

Always! seek permission from a Parent or Guardian to contact either me or one of my staff if you are under the age of 13, Thank you. :smile:

have fun :slight_smile:

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Dodo Lakes: always finding new ideas
Dodo's: evolved
"Lost woods" Closed
Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated
Griffin land (Closed as of 1.7, Out of credit)
Dodo's sunset
"Industry world" Closed
"The past" Closed
"Summer" Closed
Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)
"Dodo lakes 2: The seed of creation." Closed
"New years" Closed
The dodo's seed "Connected together"
Cloud server: Free Tc


Cool :wink:


going to save up a few thousand tcs to add credit to the server but for now I may let the credit drain and focus on griffin land

or maybe when I am done with stuff I will go here and build
edit: may go there instead


Thats ok tho for good buildings u will build :wink:


i ended up making another change.


I can only give teasers so far but this is beautiful


why’d my credit jump to December 5th?
btw i haven’t been working here because I’m still busy with griffin land


Maybe this is why?


oh… i added credit to my old worlds to see them and then they boosted to November 29th.

but okay


i am beginning to work on this server again. I may put some time into it however I like maybe daily so I can get it ready for 1.7


I have done some work with my main building


Nice work sunnyperson :+1:



I am going to change things around. the left will be protected but still a building spot. the right will have the embassies I want to welcome.

anyway I am going to build a skyway track system or subway to get around easily. tell me which one sounds better.

  • skyway
  • subway
  • landway >:) ( please be honest about it )

0 voters

edit: landway people will have their votes thrown toward the skyway. I am closing the poll now.

Edit2: As of Monday April 23rd 2018 you can now vote again. But it will do nothing.


Here’s a little update on spawn.

The spawn grounds only took about a day


really, two want the landway?


Wow! That’s really fast. My spawn took 2 days.


Nice. Although the building was built days before the ground.


I get a reoccurring question about the right. should I A. use it for my server embassies B. Make it a building area or C. make it an embassy row.

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.

0 voters


I may hide secrets around the world for you guys to discover. I will not reveal locations though but you may get a prize.

find all of them and you may get a big prize.