Moonlight! (Cloud World)


Gonna have problems with the credit soon…

Also if you we’re guessing my mind wants people to add credit.


I’ll chip in soon.




May i add credit since i have extra :slight_smile:


Yes you may and thanks


Coooooooooool im exited to people joined there :slight_smile:


I have gotten the poles so It wouldn’t take long and that I could get the stuff built. one more thing before I head to spawn for more building.

the theme of this server will be building, economy, legitimacy and adventure and mystery. so a multi themed world


I have been working on something secret. I can give you a teaser.


Oh cool a secret quest?


I have slightly updated my op. Please pm me if you spot a bug as some of it was a direct copy and paste from piktochart.


Sorry for not updating within the last seven days.

I’ve been doing some work and I may as we’ll share a picture or too along the way.

I have made a small improvement to the welcome message

So far it’s looking awesome from my end.
As you can see I have dyed it red now and oh… the wood texture from minecraft Aye?

I am still going to keep with the same release but people who have joined before the grand opening will earn the status “beta tester” on a bot whenever I have my computer active which is at random.

All that’s needed left is the welcome message and a few things at spawn and the bot then it will be ready for it’s big date in 2018.


15-16 days I think from opening. Now I would like to announce I have built little shops for those economy people out there.

You will spawn with the following:
7 golden coins. ( two for shops )
Fur coat
Leather pants
Fur boots

If you wish not to be in the economy you may trade in your coins for 99 platinum coins. Note that after you run out of coins you may make coins and benches but there is one catch. You are not allowed to join the people at the shop unless your willing to give up everything.
I know there may be flaws but it’s fine. I can resolve them by some help. The “Builders” will have unlimited access to workbenches and will be able to access the trade portals under spawn.
“Economy” people will not be allowed to use trade portals whatsoever. If caught will be in trouble.

I may end up removing the trade portals or whitelisting the server on opening but I want to keep it at least searchable or public.

What should the join setting be?

  • Searchable
  • Private
  • Public
  • Whitelisted
  • Whitelisted and password protected
  • Password protected

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I may going to give you a little screenshot of what I’ve been up to lately. Note this is inspired by blokonomy.

I still need to build the bank and stuff.


Me and darkhorse we’re talking and I may move the opening to January 1st instead of the 4th.


Yep thats nice :smiley:


What’s the credit situation like now? Any chance I can get whitelisted?


Server will last until February and you will be able to get whitelisted by listing your name


Sorry. Ign is Joeu


I’ll keep that with for January 4th.

Btw I have swimming on that date in 2018. So either I’ll push it to January 3rd or push it to the fifth.


Maybe what I could do since I am not celebrating Christmas on this server is host a 25 day event called Christmas in January where we can celebrate it like It’s December again.