Moonlight! (Cloud World)


I Have a question.
How will people make cities if the trade portals are buy only. There will be almost no money at all floating around. Maybe make them normal?

Thanks, if you can reply why please do. It was just a concern.



Were working on that. Do u have update with this @Sunnyperson and u can wait keira until the server may done :slight_smile:


Okay, if you guys need any help, im here :slight_smile:


I could need some help. maybe

and I will change the tps to normal


change of plan once again. this server will be economy but you can buy plots to build stuff at spawn when you have the items.


What about trade portals?


I could ban them for normal use and keep them disabled when I don’t need them but I use them a lot.


Should teleportation be disabled in 1.7?

  • Yes
  • No

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For those wondering what the timing will be for eternal memories on January 4, 2018.

I have decided to go for 12:00PM or noon. in my timezone


Who’s the credit donor who maxed it to April?


Can i?


Me. :slight_smile:




By the way I forgot to mention that I’ve removed the Hill in this area


Thats really lazy work removing mountains lol


I’m going to remove the spawn and rebuild it in a different fashion. there may be a chance ill move the opening to mid Jan to early feb but I want to keep true to my promise


What removing the spawn :cry: Why anyway its all ur mined hands :crying_cat_face:


don’t worry. it will be in a better place.

beside. I want to express my creativity but also remember the old spawn in its way. not all things last forever.


Okay keep that creations in ur mind beside I think u already think about what new spawn u could do :smiley_cat: Have fun while me dreaming what builds i can do tomorrow before the New Year! :sparkler::fireworks: comes :heart_eyes_cat:


I was originally going to crack my lens for this but here we go. I lightended it up