Moonlight! (Cloud World)


The spawn is looking great. All I may do is something under spawn and the paintings then I’ll focus on the welcome message. I’ll build the secrets and bot during opening so it may seem small for now but I promise it will make up for all the stuff I have done.


going to push the release to between the 5th or later in the day of tomorrow.


I’d like to participate in your server. I usually build on the north or south pole or in desert areas, father from spawn, the better. Just so I can build massively without disturbing other people. Plus a provided resting area for weary travellers.

Will that be possible?


As long sunny approved tho bc his kinda working alone while me talking to him being naughty XD whats the update sunny I liked the little’s skyisland above the spawn yayayaya! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll put that into consideration. The south already has something there though.


I’m sorry this maybe disappointing but I’m going with Joeu on the no teleportation Idea

If an admin needs to get around they can switch teleportation on for a few while they get to their destination. Then they should turn it off again.

Edit: as a side note teleportation will be enabled on saturdays and sundays :slight_smile:


I’m going to postpone the opening until I get the welcome message done. I will edit this message when the server opens

update: I have changed plans. when I get a few things done the server will be opened so between the 6-7th to the 15th the server will be opened.


sorry for the long delay. I have finished things up and now I have come to a time.

Thursday. January 11, 2018. at 12:00PM EST - Eastern standard time

I will update the op when I feel like it.


The server is now opened to the public but I don’t expect much. but I am still glad to open the server.

right now the bot is in works, quests will be in works and the welcome message will be sorted with the bot commands and stuff once I get everything done.

I know some of you may ask “you should have opened the server later” but to be honest. I chose this date even though things may not be quite popped yet but I promise more things will come in the future.

that’s all I have to say.


Looking forward to joining and seeing you there! your server sounds great :+1:t3:


Ok. Thanks:)


When the message bot will be active like 24/7?


honestly i could start but ill probably keep it on when im on my computer.


Ok thanks anyway


Sunny the server is public right now. Dint know lol and player starting to join while other player killing us so I pvp off then back when they stop killing me sorry I changed tho at least I put it back :slight_smile:

Btw How people can had the economy shop or the other buildings?


I think I may leave one of my friends in charge of taking care of things for now because of my lack of activity. Simcity and blocksworld are the main causes.

I will occasionally pop on but for now I will be inactive a lot.

If @Brer-Rabbit or @DARKHORSE is fine with it I may hire them to take good care of it.


I am willing to take care of EM while you are away.


Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello im back :slight_smile:


Even though this server has lots of flaws I will leave it in search and let you play but my aim is for 1.7

It’s just when I feel motivated again.