Moonlight! (Cloud World)


Can I help you in your server my ign


The server is public u can join whenever you wanted :slight_smile:


I am going to close this server due to the lack of activity (temporarily) until I can find time. But I’m sure by closing it I will have more time. I shouldn’t really force an opening next time. But I want to mostly get everything done and more admins.


‘Everybody’? Harumph! :wink:

BTW, I do still intend to join, but the beta has overwritten the regular app- long ago. So now I have to wait until after the update…l


i know i said i may find two cave trolls but i was searching and i don’t want to go too far so the first one will be named mipha. but i won’t find a second one. but i could leave an apple tree to be nice near a lake.

i think maybe i should go a different route for this server then economy.


Just to make sure nobody thinks about killing the troll.


That’s a lot of “Don’t Kill!” signs!


Over protective lol


Just like my parents. ._.


It’s fine if they are overprotective. They love you and they’d don’t want you to be bullied and stuff like that.


I am probably the first one ever to add this change to the nudity rule. I will not tolerate and form of naked blockhead on this server by using skin customizations and hacking. If caught you will have your ip(s) banned from the server.

I am not exactly sure if you could do it but I am still adding this change. But please do correct me if I got anything wrong


Seems fine to me.


I don’t think you can actually change the skin like that, just the color of it.


You can change the shirt color any color I believe. And I think the black lining of the shirt. Unless Dave makes it so he’s still wearing a shirt and adds small lines to the shirt

I will need to test it once 1.7 comes to see if it does anything


I am hoping to go for April 27th. But this is the work I need to do plus some more things.

If I can’t reach it by then most likely I could push it to the 14th of May

I think maybe I could name my cave troll Emmie


My server is turning 4* months on the 15th which coincidencly is the date of 1.7’s release. And this is what 5 months of work looks like. Which took probably hours to do.

I am also building the symbol of blue light to Eternal Memories. But also maybe upgraded


I think you should keep the rules the same, and I dislike that segregation idea.


Im gonna push the server to may because I have to get used to 1.7


Maybe if I do do this. I will open April 1-10 to give some time to make the final changes. Sorry I keep changing the date. But this one is official, all we need to do is do the subway and wm. Then it should be opened

Also this may be the last flint block of spawn.


Update: I have changed the name of Eternal Memories from EM back to its original counterpart