Moonlight! (Cloud World)


Its okay im not ok with EM too short


I changed the blocks for spawn from black glass to the gem blocks. Do you like it or prefer the old one? :slight_smile:

  • I like it
  • I prefer the old one
  • I don’t like all designs

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I didn’t know what to do with my cave troll so I kind of roleplayed and killed 3 blockheads on purpose and at the end I sent Majicdave to kill it.

The thing did not tame whatsoever because when after I fed it 10 coins it refused to tame even when I did it again… though it took me a while to take it to spawn it will always be missed.

Cave troll. 2017-2018

Founded in 2018

Lost in 2018


Just a little server announcement regarding quests:

To make life easier for some I have decided I will put guides on the quests but this will mean the quests XP will be cut by half for all so for example: this quest was 10, it will now be 5. And this one was 4, it will be 2. And levels will be much harder to get, each one will require at least 32 XP to advance one level but on the bright side I am making the first few levels easy to receive.

If you have any quests you wish to make you can post your ideas here and I will put them into the bot but they won’t be completable until tested.


i am removing a few admins so i can do the staff list on the wm without issues. if you are one of the affected please tell me and i will readmin you, if you don’t want your pic on the wm i will be glad to put a question mark if you wish :slight_smile:

Non-affected admins:

brother rabbit
Wumbo jumbo
mama food supply

Affected admins:

noris and chuck
wumbojumbo (without a space)

i don’t know the rest so if someone who has been on my server isn’t admin please answer via the staff pm or normal one if you haven’t been invited.


Wow mine name is also :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


it is not.




that is non affected.


I wanna be more active before I get in with affected xD


You are not silly, i was only clearing some admins that i didn’t find to be that active. or just there for no reason


Cheers, sunnyperson

Okay then but I really wanted to help since your server is peaceful and beautiful to my eyes :wink:


you may still help, i appreciate it.

save up on ownership signs and try your best to do the skyway as that hasn’t been dealt with for quite a while.


Oh yeah, the skyway I’ll try to fix it out and Do you want me to expand it? I’ll place protection sign too


just a day 4 days away till opening!

While in the meantime I have to worry about the welcome message and the op.

Probably between 2:00 PM EST I will open


Hooray the server is now open for everyone to come on, come on come all to atmos. I mean EM

Nah, just another dirty prank, you have to wait until the fourth to see a glimpse of EM. And btw

All four months work gone in a split second. But actually it’s just an sp world.


Only one more day until Eternal Memories opens its doors to the public. But what do I expect.
Day came really fast tho.


Eternal Memories is about to open in just one hour. If anyone wishes to be an admin or mod they may pm me but I hope to see at least some people here.


Nice! I’ll be there.


is now open after 4 whole months of work. you may or can build, explore, fight, and do whatever you want.

a new pvp arena may be built for fighting at if you wish.

there will also be quests coming in the future. although the bot may not be on all the time, just when i feel like it but that won’t stop me from making quests.

stay tuned to this thread for any further news or announcements as you don’t want to miss those :slight_smile:

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Have plenty of fun! :slight_smile:

you may make little towns away from spawn if you wish but still have fun :slight_smile: