Moonlight! (Cloud World)


I have completed the PvP arena. It is sky island themed but this is what it looks like.

Had to delete a post to post this but I have made a change to one rule. you are not allowed to say “crap” or “hell” now as some may take that as a swear. Please don’t kill me for double posting, I was at an urge to show this off :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to come and check it out!!


Spawn is now under a new renovation as the old spawn doesn’t cut it but i still do like it. i plan to replace it with a pvp arena like spawn but different :slight_smile:

this time the placing area will be at your footsteps and a new entrance to the subway will be at the portal that you can walk down to

i also added holes to the plots to get easy access but work needs to be done to those. i am also giving all plots a code from 1A to 16D

if i did i’d probably take the M and look at it carefully because there are hints if i do so


I didn’t mention this but the new spawn is looking great although the arrows may not match no more.

And the new Restaurant.


Can we say “heck”?


or frick?


Those are allowed but just not crap or hell. Let’s just keep it kid friendly without starting an argument.


i have changed the starter and decreased plat count due to a recent small flooding in the placing area.

it is now 10 plat instead of 32 to make it a little more harder to get buckets of water. and those who try to flood spawn will be banned. and if serious will be banned and reported.


being an owner is surely stressful. and to prevent more stress i have set the server to search for now.

edit: 4/30/2018. I will not set the server back to public but instead keep it to search until I feel it’s the right time to do so.


think i could try to get back into maintaining the server again as i have been inactive

i have worked a little on the island that is supposed to be griffin land but destroyed from aging.

i am also going to embrace the same design of spawn but rework it to fit what i think as a spawn. but it will stay the same

i think i may give things verity instead of just being cherry trees.

you will now need a pass to keep your plot there for the rest of eternal memories life. but don’t worry it will only cost 50 kindness flowers from the bot to get yours assigned.

builds before then will not get a perm pass to be fair. your pass will not expire but you will be assigned a sign (no pun intended) but you will have a sign telling people that that plot is forever. it will also be green as the color of choice.


This may not be complete but I tried my best. I may have to move the placing area though. But so far it’s good.

Progress on spawn project:


I did not share this… but I took pictures so I could but this was my latest project before I moved to get spawn redone.

If you have any better names please say them please :slight_smile:

This is the griffin lands.

I kind of left only the spawn which was taken from New Years. Recently have I gotten into this I have added a few more buildings and one which was the hotel that looked like a cross that collapsed. :confused:


With a little tinkering I made the welcome message (show more info) button look nice. Just to see the text


I am redesigning the subways stations around spawn to this newer look. :slight_smile:


It was just tinypic. They had a little problem but it eventually neutralized. The pictures are now back up

I have made a small update to the OP. For the next little update for the wm I am going in and removing the pictures that are in the staff page to make life easier.

I have lifted one part regarding (c***) and (h***) but they are probably not recommended to say. You now won’t get banned but most likely a warning instead or not at all.


Thanks to @GoodGradesBoy he made this cool overview video for EM.


The server is now #7 on blockheadsfans. Although no one joins thank you :slight_smile:


but i join!


okay. there are a few others but that is pretty much it. :confused:


I am changing the trade portal item setting from all items available to requires discovery.

like always the craft area is <— from spawn and there are mines in the subway :slight_smile: