Moonlight! (Cloud World)


Although this came at random, I did leak something I maybe or could build. Which is the “tower of debates” from simcity, if you don’t know what it is I’ll leave a reference picture here. It’s in the middle

Yeah, I had to fix some parts but also painstakingly remove the extra bits and still leave the tower in tact. I used MS paint for this, and if your saying "oh you could have just used photoshops majic marker you do not understand that I don’t have knowledge and I’m cruddy at photoshop out of MS paint so I use that.

I don’t know what to name this so I’ll leave at least many names to choose from. Okay :slight_smile:

I’ll have a screenshot of the main building without the 12,608 blocks of paint on it. that’s right, 12,608 blocks of paint are required, more then the rock home I did not build. When it’s finished.

Get voting, the vote will close in only a few days!

  • The Tower Of Time
  • The Tower Of Destiny
  • The Tower Of Righteous
  • The Eternity Tower (Credits To MFS)
  • The HOPE Tower
  • None of the above.

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Do not just vote without picking anything because I need an honest answer. If you wish to vote I’ll leave this pole here for you too :slight_smile:

  • I just want to vote
  • I Just Want To Vote

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Okay, that should be it for now and if you have any suggestions for names please tell me and I’ll consider one of them. :slight_smile:

The DODO Team - 2016-NOW


Progress so far. Getting the walls done is hard work because you have to count the pixels. And sometimes you mess up

This is the new building so far :smiley:

And I know anyone will not be willing to do this but if you want to paint after I’m done backwalling the place please PM me and I’ll give you a link to the skeevatron thing. I left paints to the left of the build.

you will be rewarded at least 5,000 plat for the job :slight_smile:


After about a month I went in and updated the Welcome message. it’s a small one but it will do.


Progress #2, got the walling done.


Update about the plotting system:

edit: sky plots will still have protection signs but the ground plots will be free to take but i may not allow perm passes for them.

I am going to dismantle how the plot system works and offer free to use plots that don’t have protection just to give the server sort of a unique twist.

Golden/protection signs are receiving a change at spawn. This is optional but is required for a better lasting build.

4 gold = Very small - 11 height
6 gold = Small - 21 height
8 gold = Normal - 31 height
10 gold = Medium - 41 height
12 gold = Large - 51 height
14 gold = Very large - 61 height
Width will be based on the plot size but is optional to expand. It just costs more

4 gold = Small - 21 width
6 gold = Normal - 31 width
8 gold = Medium - 41 width
10 = Large - 51 width
12 gold = Very Large - 61 width

This will add up to how much your willing to spend for one plot to make things fair. :smiley:

Of course you can just build underground or in the sky far away and won’t have to get an ownership sign but it’s optional. Previous buildings that have been builded/built won’t be affected

Plot number codes will still be around but may be dismantled any time.

You like the idea?

  • I like it!
  • Sort of?
  • I hate it… :confused:
  • I just want to vote ( but why? )

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i may also set trade portals to buy only, so you have to work to get coins instead of selling stuff at the tp. there are still shops though but it will become a lot harder to earn money without you’re cherries. :slight_smile:

and to make sure ill set death to no r.i.p if it isn’t already on.


Not sure if this will be a perm thing but i want the server to reflect the theme of the moonlight team so it’s best it turns from EM to ML - MoonLight! not Moonlight Lanterns silly :stuck_out_tongue:


Changed the trade portal back to normal instead of buy only because it would just be a little too hard to earn money :slight_smile:

I think i will make the new name permanent.


It’s a nice change but I liked EM.

  • Eternal Memories
  • EM
  • Moonlight
  • Eternal Moonlight (CS’s idea)
  • Moonlight Memories (CS’s idea)

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I really love this world. Keep it up!! :slight_smile:


I will, although i have occasional thoughts of closing in 2019. I should ignore those.


What server I looking for Economic, Nature, Minigames, Quests, and etc. I really loved the world :blush:


The economy plan for the server sort of died because I didn’t know how to do it thus I scrapped it, you can build on this server though and look at what it has to offer plus a secret maze griffin land island to the left of spawn :slight_smile:


Soon I may offer other images for custom pictures but for now this is the one I will be handing out. The text may sometimes get screwed up but that’s fine.

If you wish to get a custom picture for the server do ask me what you want the name to be :slight_smile:

These are the current ones you can get.

Please keep your chosen name short so it doesn’t go so long. Thank you :slight_smile:


Just done a few things and I think, this may be the new face of Eternal Memories Moonlight.


Its nice but i prefer it to make it with plaster and paint it then


I am going to probably make an important announcement for the future of this server. it will still be up but i will only support it until i run out of money.

Its because i can’t really take care of more then one servers but moonlight will still live on.

i have at least 19 dollars left so it will last until at least late 2018.

if you wish to support moonlight it would mean a lot. but i think it would just be best to go with a free server plan for now.

If the free mac server service goes i will probably come back to moonlight or make a new server.