Moonlight Mellow - An experience you will not forget! - We need helping hands!

Moonlight Mellow is a peaceful city in a large region that hasn’t been fully explored. Owned by @WumboJumbo and @SomeRandomUser, this server offers many things such as beautiful paintings, paint shops, art galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, and even a subway station where you can travel to new places! All these great places are created by citizens who work hard to earn money and feed themselves. Maybe even save up for an apartment, but this is your story and you make your choices. Who knows what you could be? A poor guy off the streets begging for some apples, a guy who has enough money to sustain himself, or a rich guy who owns a mansion! It’s what you want to be.

You will begin in the center of the main city, where most of the commotion will be. An admin will give you a starter (if one is online) and the rest is simply up to you. Did I forget to mention it’s your story and your decision? Buying an apartment with the money you got is a good idea, or you could buy some food. Maybe you could also go on a ride. Remember! It’s your decision!

Okay, I see your getting bored. I’ll make this simple. Moonlight Mellow is an economy world where you can socialize or work hard for your boss and get your hard earned paycheck. Due to 1.7 I’m expecting this server should be quite popular, so don’t miss out on all the fun you could be having! The size of this world is 16x.

And you thought that was all? No no no! We got rules!

  1. No griefing. How would you feel if I destroyed your house? :derelict_house:
  2. No stealing. Trust me, you won’t get away with it! :ninja:
  3. No dating. I honestly don’t get why anybody would want to do this. :love_letter:
  4. No inappropriate language. Oh, come on! Children of all ages play this game! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  5. No advertising. Don’t you dare steal my fans! :walking_man:
  6. Illegitimate methods or items are not allowed. It ruins the game! :whistling:
  7. No asking for admin or mod. I don’t even know you! :guardsman:
  8. Are you done with these rules yet? Nope! I got :one: more!
  9. Have loads of fun! :cheerful:

Latest news and announcements:
We need helping hands!
I need helping hands to get this server ready for 1.7! Want to help? PM me! Only people I trust will be admined.
1.7 and grand opening party!
I’m aiming for this server to release on March 14th when 1.7 is released. This will be a grand opening party and a 1.7 party. Get ready for games and fun!

An experience you will never forget! Farewell! :slight_smile:


Cool beans

Exciting! :slight_smile: can’t wait to stop in after 1.7!

I remember making this :laughing:
Good times
Can’t wait to get back to work on that sweet…
That hotel that needs work oh gosh

I forgot the experience…

hai i would love to come and help ! are you online yet? what could i help with?

@WumboJumbo, Has Moonlight Mellow opened? Will you upkeep it in 1.7? (can’t find your world by searching – unless it’s owner is AOIFESHERRY)

I’m busy with life right now. It should be open by summer.

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Would love to join but can’t find,

@BUILDITME1 @EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ I think it’s not opened yet.
Wumbo said in a post above;
“It should be open by summer.”

That depends on when his summer starts.