More beverages

A small idea just to add some additional drinks into the game. This idea will contain a new tree, some new beverages, some small items, a plant and a drink machine. this is the idea:

Firstly, lets get over and done with the small items and plants.



the plant would be used to create new beverages and would be harvested from a new plant. the plant’s growing animations could be something like this:

v2 v2 v2 v2

Mint could be consumed on its own. giving a small amount of hunger and give a small amount of heat resistance. (mainly because of the coldish feeling it gives upon being consumed)


lemons would require an entire new tree to be created. i have made a small amount of sprites for the tree. the sprites arent that great, but the lemon is fine i suppose.

Tree sprites:

v2 v2

As you may have guessed, the first sprite is the bark, while the second sprite is for the leaves. Here is the actual lemon:


Upon being consumed, the lemon would give a small amount of hunger.



typical coffee type machine. It would be able to produce the beverages listed below. It would require electricity to function. This crafting bench does have something special. It uses water buckets for crafting beverages. with each water bucket enough for 10 drinks, up to a maximum of 10 water buckets. without water, it will not be able to create these liquids.


1 steel block
1 bucket of water
3 copper wires
1 steam engine


cyan coldness

Minty heaven.

This beverage counters heat perfectly. you dont have ice armor or are currently in a PVP battle near lava? fear no more, for with this beverage, you are temporarily invulnurable to the effects of heat and a lasting effect of heat resistance, not to mention short health regeneration! (unstackable) What else could you ask for?

Additional notes: As great as this might sound, this does however lower your resistance to the cold so you should probably be careful about that, not to mention due to it’s chilling effects movement is lowered by 10%. Drinking this also cancels the effects of the hot tea.


1 mint
1 lemon
1 block of ice
1 glass block

Hot tea:


As the title suggests, its a bit like the cyan drink but slightly reversed. it gives temporary cold invincibilty and a lasting cold resistance effect.

Drinking one every 30 seconds will not damage you, but drinking more than once within 30 seconds will damage you over time for 20 seconds( does not stack. the damage is 0.5% of maximum HP per second)

also increases speed by 5% (stacks with coffee).

drinking this also cancels the effect of the cyan coldness.

The special effect of this however is that upon drinking 3 or more of these drinks within 15 seconds will slow down the player by 20% and will START TO DAMAGE THEM by 5% of their maximum HP per second for 20 seconds. after all, drinking too many hot beverages does not give you a soothing effect on your throat.


1 glass block
1 mango



The best drink currently obtainable.

It has the effects of coffee. however, these effects are 25% weaker.

It has the effects of both hot tea and cyan coldness. however, it does not give the full invulnurability of heat and cold but only the resistances.

The drink restores 40% of your HP and 60% of your energy. The drink also increases happiness of your blockhead by 80%. The drink also prevents you from dying for 5 seconds and regenerates your HP by 10% every second for 10 seconds. the drink also prevents drowning for 50 seconds.


5 rainbow essence
1 glass
1 ice
1 lemon
3 mint
1 lime
1 orange


unless specified, all effects are 80 seconds long.

The death prevention on the drink above only works once every 60 seconds and the restoration of your HP (not the HP regen) works only once every 30 seconds.

the way death prevention works is that if you lose all hp during the invincibility period, you gain back 10% of your hp and are able to move at full speed for 10 seconds.

Im pretty certain this idea isnt going to be implemented into the game, but its worth a try. All these images were made by me.

Thanks for your time.


I love this! I think this is great :lol:

Wow, this suggestion is stellar! How long did it take to make the visuals?

an hour an a half. not too long.

This is the best suggestion presentation I’ve seen in ages. Well done :slight_smile:


Why not use the pepper as an ingredient in the hot tea? I find it kind of weird you can get those effects with nothing but mango.

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Have you ever seen someone put pepper into a drink? Probably not. The reason it’s hot is because after all, its brewed in a machine. It’s a bit unreasonable to add pepper to that. As, going by that logic, you would have to put pepper in coffee. Which seems a bit odd for me.

I add pepper to my hot ginger drink, there are a number of cocktails with black pepper in them, and there’s even a black pepper tea.


Huh, never heard about anything like that. By saying pepper i meant as in a raw chunk of pepper, not the black pepper. But i still didnt expect for something like that to exist. Thanks for clearing that up.

Oh, like bell pepper/capsicum or chilli? I used to put capsicum in my juices. Mainly red and yellow, as green/purple are a bit bitter.

I love juices. My favourite winter one you can’t make in BH. It’s ginger, apple, beetroot, and celery. You might be surprised by how many unexpected foods make great components in drinks.

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This is very well put together, nice job

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