More Efficient GUI for appearance and Individualization

In my experience, players like to have something that makes them appear special or different in comparison to the next player. I think it would be great if we added some items that are rare, and require skill to find and/or create.

On top of having these personalized items which could be armor, furniture, paint color, weaponry etc, I feel that a new system for wielding weapons, tools and armor should be implemented.

Instead of having the “worn clothing” section as part of the inventory, there should be a separate user interface that pops up at the click of a button to show what you are wearing. Say I want my pole clothing underneath my armor to keep my character happy and also protected, and maybe I want my weapon slot (or weapon belt GUI) to hold my tools and weapons separate from the rest of my inventory as to not take up space and be easier to select.

As a player ventures out into the world they may find special and extremely rare shards to very powerful and untradeable weapons that require assembly once each part is found. Same with armor, perhaps something that will not fall apart with use. Not only can players boast their hard work, they can customize the appearances of the items they skillfully obtained to look even cooler. Maybe even holster their supersword on their back so that it is displayed at all times, and at the ready when attacking players in PVP, and when fighting NPCs. No more having to scroll to find your sword, pickaxe or spade when you click on certain blocks as your blockhead will automatically use the correct item.

I think we can use this thread to generate possibilities on the types of items which could make players in our community feel “individualized” or VIP.


I’m saying no to this, because it can be abused by hackers. Even if it wasn’t, it would create a sense of unequality among players. More advanced players could can other players noobs just because they don’t have a specific item.

This is already the case. Players who have hacked the game roll around with millions of time crystals, colored armours, colored pole items and any other hacked items you can imagine which gives hackers and friends-of-hackers an unfair advantage at being “cooler”. At least with my idea, there is a “know how” aspect. I work hard to create and explore a server and my reward was ____, therefore I earned ___. Every player can earn the same thing by playing rather than cheating. There will always be players who are “noobs” who simply need to learn the ropes. I don’t think there will be much name calling just because someone doesn’t know how to get legitimate items ingame.


This is idea is fantastic—and would add loads of fun!
Its close to my thread…in the concept: rarieties

Fantastic Idea! :wink:


Good idea! If this ever gets implemented I am looking forward to it! :smiley:
Would the shards get crafted? If so, how would they be crafted?


Perhaps a special new bench would allow for fitting the pieces together in a specific order, creating the desired item or perhaps world-specific item(s).


I really liked reading that thread. Lots of cool ideas. I was sure someone else had to have had the idea first!


I really love the idea of unique generated loot items in worlds. You’re right: to allow for many options combat would need to be advanced a lot. I’d like a more interactive combat system with different stats and blocking/parrying instead of the whack-a-mole fest we have right now.

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I like this idea, I always hate how hackers get all the unique items, with the widespread duping and 1000’s of cloud world’s even pole items aren’t that rare anymore.

I even considered a while back hiring a whitehatter to make me some uniquely textured gear for chests of gold coins (or was it platinum, forgot what version that was in)

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This is what I used unknowns for. :slight_smile:

Yea, that is why I like unknowns, they need to add a “legitimate” thing like them.

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