More efficient way for people to read rules

Can anybody tell me a more efficient way for people to read the rules in multiplayer or to avoid people to ignore the rules and go to the “if you read the rules say (blank)”?

I personally never belived in having people say somethng when they read the rules for this very reason. It doesn’t really work well. Even when they try to trick people into saying something if they read the rules and put the real word farther down, it still doesn’t always work.

However, on one server many years ago, the server owner put a bold letter in part of every rule. All the bold letters put together spelled out a word. That people had to say. This still isn’t fool proof concept, but I think it is better thanhaving people say a word.

The thing is, people are going to do whatever they want to do. They will either read the rules, or they won’t. It is not really easy to make them do so. At swimming pools I don’t think many people ever read the rules there. What I personally did (and many may disagree with this decision), was not force people to read the rules, but just forced them to follow them. If they broke rules because they didn’t want to read them, thats to bad for them.


Thank you a lot! I tell my friends about this idea.

I usually mix the word in a block of text ex:
No blah
No blah
No say blah if read rules
No blagh
No blac

This only works if you use the Messagebot and keep it on most of the time. You can have the message bot post a brief version of the rules in chat when a new player joins.

You could also have a maze with the exits to certain rooms be answers to questions based on the rules. The correct answer leads to the next room and so on, until they escape.


The wrong answer can make them loop around back to the question!

My server has two scattered codes and it seems to work.

How do you know they read the rules if you tell them what to say before they finish reading them?

Well, people often skim to the bottom of the rules to see if there was any word they needed to say. I s’pose that this way, they’d at least be thoroughly reading the rules.

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They can just skim through the rules until they find the words read rules and then stop. Mot getting any of the rules into their brain.

My easy fix is releasing the world to only people on the forums because I can usually trust that people will follow Universal Blockiquette (Blockheads Ediquette) on here.

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I hate tunning out of likes. All these ideas are great!

There is really no reason to “trick” people into reading the rules. If they read them, they have a better chance of staying on the server. If they don’t read them, they have a better chance of being kicked off of the server.

I have something to say at the end of my rules… because, at least, with this and the length of time someone is on before they say the phrase, I usually see that they read all the rules or at least skimmed through them. Nothing is foolproof.

Regardless, if you have spelled out the rules clearly and thoroughly, then if people break them and they deserve to be reprimanded, warned or banned, no one can argue with you. It makes it easier for the mods and admins to monitor and know what the owner wants. Everyone knows what the expectations are. No surprises.


Not after one join? Why?

Add this: :wink:

alert("Please read the rules");
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I love it when you say read the rules and they reply I read them. You then ask them to prove it and they are all like how can I prove it? That scenario right there gets a lot of people banned. I do not like to be lied to.