More Fish!

  1. So I was thinking, The Blockheads need more fish, like in different colors/colours and sizes to make it more interesting to go fishing, so you can collect them or just cook them and eat them!

  2. You cook them the same way you do with other fish: tin foil, campfire and the fish itself

  3. Different fish may need other bait, like fruits instead of worms, you could pick a fruit from you inventory and drag to your fishing rod in your inventory to hang it on the hook, combine it with the rod, get it to be the bait… you know what I mean!

Just a suggestion to make the game even MORE fun! :smile:


It would also be cool if you could catch big fish wish night crawlers, which you would be able to obtain by digging through dirt/compost at night. (They would replace worms at night, and not be available unless bought at day) And with the bigger fish, you could bait your pole with their remains and catch sharks. This could be so that you wouldnt have to go and kill sharks in the water… which is dangerous.


I really like this idea! We need a little variety in the ocean. Some colorful fish would make living underwater awesome, cause the fish would look cool, there’d be more uses for fruit aside from compost and food.

Imagine bright, colorful fish at the equators, and more bass and trout-like fish at the poles.

Yes yes…
More fish WOULD make the game more lovely. :wink:

Instead of me constantly seeing Sharks and the original fish you see in the water.

And there should be rare fish too!

Just to make the game more exiting in the ocean too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fish breeding will be the new tulip breeding.

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Yes. Fish farms, Aquariums, and Nemos!

We do need more fish. Having 2 types of fish is sorta boring now…

Yeah something among those lines, more fish and bait!

YES! Love it!!

Yeah! And maybe In Flax bushes you could have a chance of finding like: snails or something for even MORE bait!

Exactly! I like your thinking :smile:

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