(More) Free mac servers

After running this by wingy, I would like to start hosting servers on my mac for you guys as well. My rules are going to be very similar to his, and if I see anyone breaking the rules your server will be closed permanently.

I will have admin access on every server that is created, and I will come check up on things from time to time. Along with that, if I get reports with photo proof of something that breaks the rules, your server may be closed down depending on the severity.

A refresher for those who either haven’t read or forgot wingy’s rules:

  1. If you are requesting the server, you are the owner. You may not “gift” servers
  2. No dirty pictures OR language is permitted
  3. No swearing, insulting someone, or bullying
  4. No use of any other inappropriate words
  5. Hacking is strictly forbidden. This includes duping. As an ROP member I would like to see server owners abide by the rules we strive to follow, and will not tolerate something that goes strictly against that.

To apply for a server, send me a pm with the following information:

  1. Forum name, even though the pm is coming from you.
  2. IGN you would like to use as the owner account.
  3. World size. (1/16x, 1/4x, 1x, 4x, 16x)
  4. Expert mode. (Yes/No)
  5. World type. (custom/vanilla)

If your world is custom, please fill out the following:
a. Seed (Value/blank)
b. Oceans (none, small, normal, large, all)
c. Temperature (very cold, cold, normal, hot, very hot)
d. Rainfall (very dry, dry, normal, wet, very wet)
e. Plants (none, few, normal, more)
f. Trees (none, gem, sky island, few, normal, more)
g. Terrain (flat, kinda flat, normal, mountainous)
h. Caves (none, normal, more)
i. Lakes (none, normal, more)
j. Sky islands (none, some, normal, more)
k. Ore quantity (none, some, normal, more)
l. Ore distribution (small, normal, large veins)
m. Gems (none, some, normal, more)
n. Treasure (none, some, normal, more)

Any creation requests I get with missing information will not be created, so please make sure to take the time to fill out all the information before sending me the message


I’ll consider applying when I’m not busy. :slight_smile:

Sounds good! I’ve always wanted a server. (Well, since I found out about mp)
We can’t fund SM and another Cloud one so this is just perfect!

(The prices are reasonable but in a year, assuming nobody donates, it costs £2.99 x 12 = £35.88 to keep up a server for a year. We can pay that but not twice that for 2. £71.76 is no joke)

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My brother made an application

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I am just waiting for my server yes yes


@222oreo333 I’ve seen servers hosted by Wingy were laggy sometimes, and not up for a few hours a few times. What is the chance of that happening to servers hosted by you? I’d like to have a mac server, but I don’t want it to be inaccessible whenever I want to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will they be 24/7?

@Wingysam VS @222oreo333.
(Street fighter reference)


My servers will be 24/7, and I’m home most of the time so I’ll be able to get them back up pretty quick. I have a server running now that’s been up since the update, and I think it’s only gone down twice. Once when I forgot to plug my computer in and the other when my cat walked across the keyboard and closed everything lol. I can’t leave for long periods of time because of the zoo in my house, and if I do I will notify you before I go.

I know one of the issues wingy has is power outages. We rarely if ever have them here. The lag I can do my best to prevent, but it does come from having lots of servers running


Wingysam: ~90% runtime
Oreo: Until further notice and information, 99%.

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I have gotten 3 requests so far, and all 3 are up and running now


T_T I have windows…

Don’t worry! You do not need a mac computer in order to request someone else to host a Mac server for you. They own the Mac, and all you have to do is request it. Then you will be able to join the server through whatever device you use to play the Blockheads normally.


Hey oreo, just sent in a request (two days ago? idk) Hopefully it’ll find it’s way to you :slight_smile:

Yes I did get it. Sorry I’ve had a bit of a weird schedule this week, but I will get to it!


From the OP.

Please be patient everyone. I have a lot going on in real life at the moment. I will get to your requests this week


You seemed to have forgotten the field for the name of the server in the OP.
The OP has as many likes as the number of replies lol

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If you ban the person who is breaking the rules you are fine. If you let it continue that’s when I will shut your server down. I’ll try to get it up tonight

Hi Oreo, I sent a request about 6 days ago. I was wondering if you received it or if I was missing any information :smiley:

Ive gotten the request, but like I said earlier it’s been a bit crazy for me the last little bit. I will get to it!

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