More hostile mobs and items and weapons


I would like to see something that is like the Minecraft creeper that spawns only at night in dark areas and drops gunpowder
when killed and I would also like to see TNT and guns in this game.


Remember this game needs to be kid friendly… I know that on these days kids are way more violent because of games. Blockheads doesn’t need to be like that…


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True it should be kid friendly. But then I think the creeper mob and the TNT would be a good addition to the game.


How would you make TNT? How far would it blow up? Would it blow up strong blocks such as steel?


Minecraft has copyrighted it tho. If blockheads wants to have creepers, then they would have to pay a fine or something


Could make some kind of animal that when fed gunpowder


blockheads will become more unoriginal and will get critisim for new players who look around the game


Or they could just make similar creatures with different names like more than 50% of minecraft based games (not incluiding TBHS) :stuck_out_tongue:


True. True.


I don’t know how far the TNT blast range should be but how to craft TNT would be sand, linen, and gunpowder, and the blast would only slightly damage blocks like steel but not completely destroy it.