More hostile mobs and more weapons

I think there should be more hostile mobs in the game to make the game just a bit harder like maybe have bears that roam around the night, snakes, maybe even insects that can kill your trees if you don’t care about your tree that much. For weapons, we should have more bows, more swords maybe even a spear.

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Drop bears there is a spear

No i meant like real bears and wait what there’s a spear already

In the tool bench, you can make a flint spear.

We have two bows currently. What type of bow are you looking for?

Also, the game can get pretty hard if you use custom settings and/or expert mode. Owners have created very cold servers with one hit kill, and hard mobs. I can’t imagine anything much more deadly. Scorpions can kill you before you even know they’re there. You can’t even be on the surface without a coat, and many plants don’t survive without artificial heat, or a greenhouse of some sort.

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They should add copper spears… :thinking:

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I forgot about that thing I never used it :moyai:

I would like bows for all types of ores and blocks (Flint, stone, copper, etc)


Spears? You meant throwable Javelins. Also the bows should have separate arrows and not “more and more bows”.

Yes like javelins