More mobs like birds, cats, and dogs


I wish cats and dogs and I wish bride are in game I not know why bird not in game :joy: it be cool to see birds I can hear the birds but I not see them :thinking: did this turn into a bird tell Lol and I what diamond safe I think it will look cool and I wish the game have a door that let people you what in but not people you not what it so annoying to keep minding the iron door and I not what a wood door because people can go in I wish it get a door that you tap on it and you can tap on the ppl name and it let them go In I think it be SOOO COOL :sunglasses:


So some sort of marriage system? That doesn’t seem fitting at all. I like the idea for a diamond safe though.


I’d love to see birds in the game. Perhaps they would sit on trees or the ground and chirp when a player is nearby, or fly away when a player gets too close. :bird:


I believe that was a typo and they meant birds :relieved:


I feel like @Louz would want birds in the game. Just a thought.


Ye that be cool )-: I be wanting for birds for years yet thay not in game yet whyyy and I also in the song and stuff you can hear birds )-:


@WumboJumbo I mean doors that you pets and you can only go in so I not need mining the door like the gate is annoying people can go thow it and thay can get you pet I what a door that only you and you pets can only go thow :joy:


Dodos are birds.

Edited title to be informative.


@milla … dodo I not think are birds but ye nvm but I wish the game get MORE birds that can also fly and I Wish the game have bees I think bee be sooo cool


The dodo was a real bird, that is now extinct. They were flightless, as they are in the game.

The only flying mob is unicorns.


IK that dodo are bride and I wish thay not dead but can birds be add in game? and cats and diamond safe XD and birds house?


my ideal is the sea ocean not only fish and shark something can add like alligator, and other animal or sea creature too… on the land it self not only dodo, yark, unicorn, donkey or Scorpio can add like sheep, cow, cat, dog, rabbit, mouse and so on it will be cool if it got the car maybe i also not sure


Very true

Great idea