More pottery


We only had cups, why not introduce moar pottery into the game?

Flower Pot:
“Can hold flowers”
-exactly what it says on the slogan (not just tulips and sunflowers, it can also hold flax and many others).
-when a tree plant is used, it becomes a sapling (very small trees at the size of a block [when planted it will be as low as an immature flax] that give 1 [2 on mature ones using a hand, 3 on a mature sapling using a machete) using a of respective plants and a stick).
-You can walk THROUGH them without climbing (you can also stand on them, like Columns).
-Requires a kiln and materials (3 clay, 1 dirt, 40 seconds).

Plate (I can use it for a food suggestion’s recipe):
“For placing food”
-can be placed and can be used for placing foods (3-Dimensional, can even put fish curry and dodo stew leaving the Iron Pot).
-3 require a kiln, 3 clay, and only 10 seconds of time.

And that is it.

Pick your top three suggestions for 2018

I would absolutely love flower pots! I believe every tulip breeder would scream of happiness if those would be added to the game in the future.


Just gonna drop an @asyc here. She’ll love this suggestion, for sure.


Wouldn’t it be cool if that flower pot worked like the pillars and benches. Your blockheads could pass in front of the pot without climbing over it. If the flower pots could be placed on top of the pillars rooms can be decorated with greenery without any obstructions to climb over. I love this idea!


Love this idea so muchhh!


Maybe you could model the pots and paint them.


Pots would solve some moving problems.

Maybe while holding a pot, you can tap on a plant and it allows you to pick it up. Kind of like caging an animal.

And instead of dirt to craft a pot plant. It should be a compost.

If you tap in the air above the ground, it allows you place a pot plant. But if you tap on the ground blocks, it will allow you to plant the potted plant.

What do you guys think?


What if you could place two to three tulip seeds inside the pot? You know what that means? No more growing them side by side!


I love this idea! Could be so cute if you could paint the pots too! Maybe putting a tree in a pot would make it a bonsai tree? Produce only a few of whatever drops the tree has?