More room in chests


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Diamond safes and chests seem like a good idea because one often needs to use tons of chests to store their things. Especially when you’re crafting with metal or baking because there are a lot of parts. Even going from 16 slots to 25 (4x4 to 5x5) would reduce the need for as many chests/ safes. They would require a Diamond and safe or chest depending on what you’re building in the wood workbench or metal workbench. Double safes such as ones used in Minecraft would also be cool but I understand how it is important to be unique.


You don’t always have to be unique.


I like it but how would it be crafted


Blockheads is already very similar to Minecraft so in this case it’s better to be unique

I think I mentioned that a Diamond and chest or diamond and safe at a woodwork bench or metal workbench


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