More support


Hello blockheads staff who is hopefully reading this I want to take this time and say I think you need some more support staff because has of current @milla has done much of it by her/him self whenever I’ve sent emails there’s Ben a response everytime from Milla and it can be hard to get all the requests done with one person and that’s why I wish you try and. Get a team it could make responses so much faster and people could get help sooner than 4-8 days (witch doesn’t always happen) but basically yah at I’m saying is you are putting so much work on one person that it can be overwhelming and I’m not gonna lie Milla is nice and is very helpful and does a very good job as best she/he can from what I’ve seen is Milla is the only support staff and I think it would be great if you got a team to help him/her as people would be more happy with the support response times
Best regards
P.S sorry for and grammar issues or anything like that.


Milla has no plans to hire volunteers.