More trolls

I would really appreciate a way to alter the amount of spawned trolls the same as one does caves and ore in custom rules. I’ve also been thinking it would be really cool if there were other types of trolls. I assume you’re already thinking about this because the current ones are labeled CAVE trolls. Water trolls that live underwater, sky trolls that spawn on sky islands. It would also be interesting if trolls had special abilities (cave trolls climb faster, ocean trolls swim well, sky trolls fly?) The special abilities are dumb but I really want other types of trolls. Thanks for reading this!!!


Magma trolls maybe?

Would each kind of troll have it’s own armor drop or would they all drop ice armor? I could see water trolls dropping some sort of swimming gear but not sure about the sky trolls.

Also maybe to go along with change how frequent trolls spawn, you can change how frequently they spawn with a trade portal. So you could say make it so that there are a ton of cave trolls, but only a couple of them have trade portals.

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Yah, different armor. Maybe scuba gear could be created. I don’t think you’d be able to change trade portals spawning though because they’re one of the things that cost time crystals to make. It’s similar to getting more time crystal blocks

cave trolls are already close to lava so idk how that’d work

The whole point of trolls is that they’re a rare and limited resource. Dave and i agreed during the development of update 1.7 that this should not change.

The most feasible and interesting part of this suggestion is the different types of trolls.


Ok. Thanks for reading it. I’m really looking forward to the next update :stuck_out_tongue: