Most Popular/Most Active button when looking for worlds

I thought up a suggestion for those who are looking for the most popular, or most active worlds. Instead of pressing a key and searching for a popular world or active one. i suppose there should be another button, below the ‘Online IP/Port…’ that is named ‘Most Popular’. When you press it, it would show a list of the most popular worlds at that moment, which would update every 10 minutes to show which world is most active and which ones aren’t. of course a maximum of 15 worlds can be displayed at once. but it would make searching for a good world to play on a lot easier, and would also help to track some of those ‘bad’ worlds if they ever spring up.

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Didn’t something like this use to exist before the 1.7 update?

No. Random worlds was and is the only option aside from search or join a specific world.

No, but I’ve been wishing that something like it would be added for years.

I thought there used to be a thing where you could see how many people are on a world in the search menu but I must be wrong my memory is faded been many years since I last played

There still is that is the search feature they are asking for a button that takes you to one of the most active worlds

Ahh I understand, how do you see the players on a server I’m struggling to sus it out