Moving a world to another phone (Android)

Hi there,i would like to ask,i purchased a another phone and i would ask if its possible to move my world to the another phone via backup? I already spent 200 TC in my survival world,any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Is it a multiplayer world?


Do you still have your old phone

You should be able to. The best bet is to contact the Android support team from the game. If you don’t have the old phone, but just a backup, the best suggestion I can offer is to restore the new phone from the backup you have. If you have the old phone I’m sure there are many more options. I just don’t know them.

You can contact the Android support team from here, if the old phone is gone:

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I still got the old phone,i will check the options for moving my worlds,thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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