Moving screen while opening chest (suggestion of removal)


Hey guys again,

A bit hard to relate exactly what I mean in the topic name, so here it is:

Whenever I open a chest I find myself, everytime, holding down the screen in effort that the screen doesn’t shift.
This may be an annoyance only to myself because of a habit I’ve gotten into, I’m not sure.

My suggestion, (if I’m not the only one bothered by it), is that maybe instead of having the chest slots line right next to your inventory. Just have the chest open like the trade portals do, (Regardless of where you open them, the screen stays in the same spot.)

This would definitely help me a million!
Thank you for reading it, suggestions are welcomed!


Actually you’re not alone. I have muilple blockheads and some windows that open up won’t be centered while I was still messin with another blockhead. Window might close when I scroll back or the blockhead just stands facing the object but nothing opened up. So I have to untap and re-tap the object.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding your Prost and I have my own problems


Your welcome! :slight_smile:


My problem is opening a trade portal, switching Blockheads, then switching back and move the screen and the portal closes…


I have that problem with benches sometimes, but rarely with chests. I can’t see the row of things to craft. (Android Tablet). Sometimes I can drag the window around, other times not. (It might depend on whether I click on the window or outside it first, but I haven’t tested the theory.)


Sorry for not explaining it more in detail:
Basically whenever I open a chest the screen shifts left in order to aline the chest slots with your inventory slots. Everytime I open the chest it messes up my “mo-jo” and I find myself annoyingly holding the screen so the screen doesnt shift. A bit of a mouth full, but hopefully you can understand me. :wink:

And my solution is just making the chests open like a trade portal would.
The Trade portal tab opens without shifting the screen, becuase it doesn’t need to aline itself with your inventory.

Thank you for reading again!
Hopefully your problems as well as mine will be overcome!


Sounds like we want opposite behavior. I’ll be happy as long as I can see the entire scream at a workbench.

Maybe if the chest or bench window didn’t have to point at the blockhead, or the arrow could be on different parts of the frame. It may not be easy to solve.