Multi-player Worlds

Hello! I recently rejoined The Blockheads and decided to play again. I’ve last played it ages ago and a lot had changed so I had to come here with a question. Is there a way to create a personal server for only me and my friend? Just for two of us? And if yes, does that cost me anything? The create world option had 1 week and 1 mint options which would cost me money, do I have to pay to have a personal playing server with my friend?

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If your friend lives nearby you could play for free by playing under the same WiFi I believe. You do this by creating a single player world and then hosting multiplayer and your friend chooses local Network Also you can start a server that requires a code to enter and then give the code to your friend, that costs cash though. I hope I could be of help. :blush:

Yes, unfortunately it would cost money to have a cloud world for you and your friend. Thankfully, wonderful community members like Wingy have services where they host worlds on their computers for others. You can check out his service on this thread:

Keep in mind that they can refuse for any reason, but this might be what you’re looking for. :smile:

Will our stuff save if we play over LAN and over one wifi?

How can I do this?

Personally I’m not sure. I tried to check about WAN and LAN but all I see is offline and online options.

With online, yes, all items will be saved and stored. Pretty sure you can also just close off the world to prevent random people from joining.

I’m an admin for one for the servers and sometimes get messages from the owner. It’s pretty nice owning your own world where you can play with others. So I highly recommend it. Unfortunately I have just been busy with other stuff, so I haven’t been able to play in a long while.

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Yes, it should save correctly.

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Alright, but how can I do it? I don’t see any option

It should save your progress automatically.

I mean, the lan server. I can’t make the server Lan and my friend can’t join it