Multiplayer: Ban Messages and Ban-Abuse Reports

I would suggest adding “ban messages” and “ban abuse reports” to the game. (did I say that right?)

[U]How it works:[/U]

It would go like this: when you ban or kick someone (as an admin or mod of course), a pop-up message will appear in front of the screen: “State your reasoning why the person should be banned”. Once the admin/mod finishes writing the reason, it will then appear in the banned or kicked player’s screen, stating why he/she got banned or kickeed.

This should be added to the game… Well because of a number of reasons…
1.) This will help the player banned reflect on what happened. “What did I do?” “What did I do wrong?” “Why did the mod/admin do this to me?” "Do I deserve this ban?"
2.) This will also greatly reflect on the administrator’s reasoning and defense. This can also help them train themselves to be better admins. It can also reflect on how well or terrible the admins are doing.

However, if the player is wrongly accused and was innocent at that point, he should be able to report the server and the administrator/s who has wrongly accused the player. (Since the player was already banned, he is not able to report the admin) Thus, the server will have a history of reports from other players and will now be able to warn newer and potential players to stop, and leave the server for theri own sake.

Again, but only 1 reason:

1.) This will now add even more disipline to the players, and the servers themselves.

Sorry if its too confusing or such. I just had a mild brainstorm attack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comment, rate, suggest!


It’s a really good suggestion. Can’t tell you how many times someone would ask why they were banned and I’d be like…uh… duh - I dunno. Usually, after some lines of questioning I can figure it out, but it would sure help if the player could know instantly why they were banned. (It would necessarily be an optional field - admins could opt to leave it blank).

If the Ban reason showed up in the Logs on the owner portal, that would be even better, so I could look it up to find out why.

I really wish banned people could still read the welcome page so they could get my contact information in the event they were banned. Perhaps a “Ban Appeal” button? (Ok, sorry, that should be a separate topic)

It’s easy enough to do if you have good admins. Right after I ban someone, I leave a chat message: " banned for ____". Then the reason shows up right after the ban in the chat log. Doesn’t do much to let the player know, but the server owner is clued in.

This would be good, except it might be tough to ban someone quickly if they are griefing if this was put into place. Maybe it bans them, then you put in the reason and then if they try and connect after the reason is filled in, then they are told why they are banned.

And as for the server thing, there are plenty of players who will report the server after breaking a rule and getting banned which would probably flood Dave’s mailbox (or whoever gets the reports).

Also, for further reference, threads like this, although they are suggestions for multiplayer, should be put in suggestions I believe(I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time). I assume milla will help move it once she sees the thread.

Could be abused.

User reports go to the world owner’s portal site.

And yes, I’ve moved it :slight_smile:

I was banned on kozer mines from an admin i dont know and i did nothing, i think ban reports when you try to join the server would be good.

im never leaving cause yolo haters gonna hate so just appreciate!

This is a really good idea, would make it so much easier, just really don’t like when people ask “Why am I banned?” or “Unban me now!”. This would help, I think. :smiley:

Also, Erick, I don’t think this would be abused much. If people are banned for no reason, having kinda an insult pop up doesn’t really make it too much worse than it already is, I think.

Yes, I agree with Cheeseburger. I believe this is similar to having rude signs in your house that were placed by someone looking to troll people.
This ‘Ban message’ idea is very nice, when people are banned, a ‘Why was I banned?’ post appears sooner or later. I also feel giving a guide for anyone writing the ban report (Mods, admins, owners) when writing, such as ‘Why was the player banned?’ And 'Is the ban temporary?'
They could fill out a form and the app could turn it into a reason, such as…
Why were you banned? For _________
How long is this ban? For _________
Thanks for suggesting this idea, Darkfur. It’s very original and creative. Up rep and five stars for you, :slight_smile:

this is a really good idea, i would love for it to be implemented. there are so many people asking why they were banned or thinking they were banned for no reason.

one question though: what if the person isnt on when theyre banned? would they see the message when they try to connect the next time?

Great idea.
All I have to say.

@Buddy Probably, good question!

I do that everytime, before I ban them, to make sure they know what they did before they get banned.

Also, I’ve seen people getting banned for some reason they don’t know why/by which admin. So it might be better when they know who banned them :slight_smile:

i dont see why it matters for them to know which admin banned them…

Perhaps when they open Blockheads, and they try to go back in the server they will encounter the pop-up saying why he got banned and such as with the detials. :slight_smile:

So they can come to us about them :slight_smile:

Be aware that if you do that, it gives them enough time to leave the server before the ban hits.

This should be a great add-on :slight_smile:

I prepare the BAN button next to the chat :wink:

Now, I think this could help but banning them with a message that’s fake like: “You removed the elevator motor. You are banned.”, when they just bought a boat at a low price and that money was going to the admin because he loaned it to a shopkeeper. Could they appeal to the sever creator? And what if the reason is real and they appeal saying “It was an accident I removed the motor…”? How could you tell the truth?