Multiplayer issues of 1.7


I’d like to speak up about the issues with multiplayer worlds in 1.7

I own a soon 3 year old survival (vanilla) server sized 4x. It’s active and developed. We’ve always had a small issue with lag but it’s been maintain-able with limitations we have set to reduce lag in almost every possible way. Sounds a bit absurd that I have to limit what people can do in order for my world to work.

Compared to 1.6 lag hasn’t been any better after the update, even after reducing lag-creating items more than what we did in 1.6. I’m somewhat used to it though - it seems to be a part of owning an old and developed server.

My app never crashed in 1.6 so the update brought that to me as a new thing. It happens rarely and isn’t much of an issue though - I can live with it. What I am not happy about are the server crashes that happen frequently. It’s not unusual for my server to crash up to several times in one hour and none of us know why. We’ve looked for things that could cause them with no success. Every crash risks a loss of something, whether that is a mob you’re riding or progress you might loose.

These 2 main issues (especially the latter) leave me feeling that I am paying for something that isn’t working properly. If you have either as a player or a server owner experienced issues such as these (or something that I did not mention) please reply below - I’d love to hear them.


I know right. For me my server is kinda 2+years old as well but I had it whitelisted all the way so haven’t had too many lag issues (I wouldn’t say none, I’ve had one or two progress loss + crash incidents as well).

The thing that mainly affects my server is it gets infiltrated by hackers pretty much the moment I open it to public. It makes it annoying, I know whitelisting solves it but I wish I could leave it on public like in the early 1.4 days.


SGE is bigger and barley has any lag!


This is also one of the things that annoy me. My server is designed to be public and it has never been something else & will also never be. The fact that some people have to turn to whitelisting in order to avoid lost of progress and partially destroyed worlds is weird - I know that “fixing hackers” is not an easy thing to do though. Rollbacks are possible but (depending on whether you contact support with either email or here) it can take quite a while to get it with both ways.

@GoodGradesBoy I have not played on SGE much but I believe the world size doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s the level of development and activity that seem to be the main “issues”.


Lol but do u realise SGE has skeeve asking Milla for a rollback due to their reset to day 1 problems like every 30 posts on their world thread



I get these issues too on a server I’m admin on. Massive lag spikes randomly strike and the server crashes at least once a day. The person operating the Owner Portal even says that on occasion they get messages about chunks loading or unloading. Chat is also laggy, and there’s times I’ll crash three times in a row trying to just get a response to someone.
It has gotten consecutively worse since the update and is making me worry about the stability of the game


99% of the time, lag makes Skylands Arena unplayable. It is so horrible that it takes too long to even place a handcar.

The other 1%? That’s when it’s only you online and you can actually PLACE a handcar, but you hit the chunks because they don’t load fast enough.


Funny you should mention SGE. For me it is unplayable due to lag. I can not scroll anywhere (chunks do not load slowly, they just do not load) and hardly move a BH. Only Exile is worse. These bad lag arises as soon as another player joins, it’s fine when I play alone.


The one world which I cannot join is Atmos. It just won’t load. At all.


I can’t even join my friends server because of lag.


hi uni,

i can help with that.
ss3 is also facing heavy lags sometimes.
they are usually caused by things in the world is going, for example mines which get flooded that the moving water is causing the lag, or that someone has placed a safe filled with safes and stuff. also a player who is fully packed with stuff, also his portal chest, can cause lag.
there are many ways to lag a server.



The Blockheads often lags now and then for me, but I think that’s because my device is getting old and sometimes I join really big and developed servers.

However, since 1.7, I keep randomly crashing no matter what server I’m on. It doesn’t matter how old the server is, or how much activity. I could be alone and out of nowhere I will crash. Sometimes there’s a little warning lag when it’s hard to scroll around (could just be, well, lag, though) before, but most times The Blockheads will just randomly kick me out of the app.


Because they are full of together paintings in the long subway and placed chest,safe, and etc can be filled of 99 items in the safe probably the largest building which is cannot be load sometimes it gets some half shadow on it like unexplored but you already did.


You make it sound like fixing lag is a simple thing but the reality is that it isn’t - especially in a highly developed world. SS3 is fairly new compared to mine (?) and lag shouldn’t be as big of an issue there :slight_smile:

As said in the OP we’ve set a lot of limitations on what people can do in order to prevent lag that wouldn’t allow anyone to play. No personal portals, limited amounts of mob farms, limited amount of electricity creating benches and so on. We had less limitations in 1.6 than what we have now and it still isn’t better. Me and my staff members clean up things that can possibly create lag on a daily basis. I find it absurd that these things are actually necessary in order to keep the world fairly playable.


Would you pay more just for no lag?

HD Textures makes more animations too (such as flywheel)


No. Playability of a server is a basic need (well, in a game sense) for all players and should not be blocked by a paywall especially when the owner and donators have already paid. If Dave wanted us to pay more to be able to actually be able to play Multiplayer he would have just sold the game to EA.


I have experienced personal, and entire server crashes with the new update, that had not been happening before. The server isn’t extremely old, but I haven’t been to many other servers, so I’m not sure if it is happening to more recently created servers.


Loading servers is an ongoing issue. Always darkness in explored areas and major shadows that fluctuate and won’t go away. Especially underground.

How many of you have had to zoom in and out just for the map screen to load?


I haven’t been playing 1.7 for quite a while, so… (even then I only played with an emulator).
But 1.6 would constantly kick me out on an old Galaxy Note 1 I owned…
but that’s off-topic anyways.


What happened to being able to invite people through Game Centre. Is there anyway of letting a friend join your server without it being a local server or paying money for the online server?