Multiplayer issues of 1.7


Hosting SP worlds via Game Center was removed in 1.7 - you can only host with LAN now. If you don’t want to pay for your own cloud server you could play with your friend on someone else’s? That doesn’t cost you anything & there are some great worlds out there to play on!


I just want to play on a new fresh world

With a friend

Why would they take such a great feature away. Probably to make more on the online multiplayer.


I heard it wasn’t working properly. I tried looking for a specific thread of why by Dave but I couldn’t find one. When I played via Game Center with some of my friends it worked most of the time but it was definitely crashing often & having other issues. I can see why it was removed.

You can either pay for a cloud world or join someone else’s if you want to play with your friend. You could also host a Mac world if you have a Mac (or request @Wingysam or @222oreo333 to host one). Mac worlds are free but a bit different from the cloud ones.


Thanks for the help


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