Multiplayer Manners


This may not seem important, but manners on multi will help you avoid bans and get along well.

  1. If you’re an admin, don’t have rules that place you above the rest, like… Only admin have three blockheads/portal chest /this place. Admin houses are ok, just don’t boast of your power.
  2. Don’t curse. Cursing, like *! Is discouraged, and in my opinion, are rather crude.
  3. Resist the temptation to steal. DUH.
  4. Don’t be mean, even if you didn’t mean it.
    That’s all, provide others, please.

Does anyone know the server BLACK PLAGUE V2?!?

Another-Respect server rules and fellow players.
And don’t cheat.


And, don’t beg for items incessantly. That makes you really…really…really annoying and irritating.


Pun intended?


LOL! And I agree with fiifthwheel, it’s really annoying to find players who keep asking for stuff.


Whoops. -_- My mistake! :smiley:


Another thing is dont beg repeatedly to be an Admin or Mod… it gets on peoples nerves, and you are less likely to be promoted
Just asking whether there are any spots open is ok… I think…


Yes i agree with ashtonx, and once u received a no then dont beg for it like so:"plz plz plz i promise you i will be good and i will not ban anybody good so plz plz plz plz…"
Doing like the above will get u an insta ban(instant ban) and yeah… U know what happens after that-sob sob sob sob.


:smiley: correct. However, you can APPLY for a admin I mod.
Name pineapple
Experience (blah blah blah)
Et. Cetera, what you want to put.


Dont whine…
Whine in reality, because none of us want to hear you be sad. Examples of whining “my flint spade just broke” “im so sad” “im sad” “im really crying” blah blah blah. “Gimme a flint spade” “im crying really” “someone help me please”… It’s REALLY annoying.

And dont spam (posting random characters, “empty” messages, repetitively posting something over and over, etc.)


Don’t say “I want to be admin” multiple times and when you are told to stop, don’t tell the owner “I’m not scared of you.”


Emoji spam? DONT GET ME STARTED ON IT. I just discovered the emoji keyboard… Gosh, I’m so old fashioned and I’m not even an adult yet! XD
@yacht oh yes, I put don’t be mean, but that is defiance. This may lead to admins amusing power, in fear the other players will simply say, I don’t believe you, or I am not scared of you.


There is another rule: Be friendly and help others


Eh. Once you put a couple of kicks into the said player, that player will be silent;)
Of course if they are still defiant(:< a little bit of spam kicking them should do:)
You could ban them…but why bother, its much more better to kick them on and on till they quit themselves.


My friend is hacked >:l So, NO CHEAITNG.


Why do noobies/annoying bh players are mostly whiny, welp its because their in the “wine” industries.
Get it? Whine and wine


DIY, people will like you more

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Good reminder Pegasus! It’s easy to be tempted to steal if there’s a chest lying around full of diamonds or stuff btw lets try not to give stuff to other players because they can repeat and repeat to beg for items


Don’t beg for sleep (“Everybody sleep”…“plz im tired”…“SLEEP YOU GUYS”… etc). If you repeatedly ask for sleep, some servers may count it as spam and kick/ban you.


this rule is controversal…
if the server allows swearing, then whatever, swear if you want
if it doesnt, then dont swear

however, for the servers that do allow swearing, just dont swear AT people