Multiplayer Manners


It is okay to ask that on servers with less amount of people, (like my server) so…


doesnt matter if theres only even two people on… you can ask nicely once, like “would everyone mind if we sleep for a few seconds?” or something like that
if you try and force them to sleep when they dont want to, then youre kind of telling them how to play the game, which would be rude


it’s so hard to get everyone to sleep when there are a lot of people


It’s also not workable if people are on different sides of the world. When it’s nighttime for you, it’s daytime for them!


(Bilster) Well… You could always use a golden bed.
(BlockWizard87 Jr.) But I don’t have one.
(Bilster)(Smiles) Well then, step inside my shop. :smiley:

You could always craft a golden bed or ask around for one. :slight_smile:


No, but usually only 1-4 players are online of my server and everyone asks to sleep so it is okay for my server. :wink: :smiley:


(Bilster) Well… You could always use a golden bed.
(BlockWizard87 Jr.) But I don’t have one.
(Bilster)(Smiles) Well then, step inside my shop.
(BlockWizard87 Jr.) I’m a noob on this server so I don’t HAVE any gold coins which is why I can’t get a golden bed
(MagicDave) hmmm, I wonder why that is?


(MajicDave) Well people kept taking my gold from my island in the Blockamas (Blockhead Bahamas)
(BlockWizard87 Jr.) Oh. Well that makes sense…
(Bilster) So… want to have a golden bed?
(BlockWizard87 Jr.) Yeah!


Respect others. Most players are pretty young, so going around talking about death or something like that is not a good idea…
You gotta remember that. It’s very very important…


…coming from the person who made a bleeding moon on clishcraft… Lol. One of the things you should almost NEVER do on a server is ask “who is the owner” 2 seconds after you spawn in. It just shows that you either want to bribe, lie, or get something from the server. Most of the time, anyways.


Actually that is true in most cases. If you are wanting to know who the owner is, either look it up yourself, or if it is a friend, when asking people about the owner, make sure you add their name
(Random Blockheadian) Excuse me. Does Bilster own this server?
(Bilster) Why, yes. Yes I do own this server. Mwahaha.
(Random Blockheadian) Oh… Well then…I’m going to go ahead and leave… (Exits the server)


Guys, these imagined dialogs are distracting the topic, and you’re posting them in heaps of threads. Can we have a bit less of this please.


In response to bilsters last post

I just love when that happens on aceland XD (not really) it’s ACEland. I wonder who owns the server…
It’s especially funny when ace herself is on during that time

Also, asking if admins are on isnt a good idea… and if an admin IS on, don’t say “yes” to that, say “no”, because then you can test them to see if they planned on breaking the rules in the server.


Most times I heard ppl ask if an admin was on they just wanted something to be fixed or they wanted to ask a question about the rules.


Never pretend to be the owner.
Actually, wait, if you wanna make me laugh, and then ban you, go right ahead. It’s always entertaining, especially when the owner is actually on. During my breif experience owning a public server, I had one or two people try that… And I took great delight in questioning them.:wink:


Sorry BlockheadBean, it just flies right out of my head and onto the screen. :smiley:
Is it still okay to do the dialogs if it is related to something we are trying to point out?


Aye. State your reason!!! That always helps!


And then somebody lies and says that they are trying to help build the admin house. And in reality, they were planning to set the house on fire.


That’s fine - it’s okay to have a bit of character in your posts. It’s just if it turns into a game and drags the thread offtopic then I have to edit / delete a lot of posts. Cheers.


in reality, most admin houses are made of steel, not wood, so its a little hard to set them on fire