Multiplayer Manners


Me: Then why is this house made out of wood?

Post with grammar/spelling/punctuaction!! You’re most likely going to get respect if you chat like this…
Hello everyone. May I borrow your pick, USER?
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I know the thread’s been in Hints & Tips for a while, but I’ve decided this is better as a sticky in the Multiplayer forum.


Treat People how you want to be treated.


Don’t go around asking for a girlfriend/boyfriend.
The server is not some kind of dating site.
It’s just plain weird and it gets annoying when somebody keeps on talking about how “lonely” they are…
It gets even stranger when people start using these heart emoticons…
Just… Ick


Thank you!!!


HAHa lol thats just plain CREEPY XD




When a player, especially an admin or mod, tells you to stop doing X action, stop before you ask why. It happens so often and then it’s usually too late (I.e admin: stop chopping done the tree at the bottom block please player:why? Admin:Go from the second block so the tree can regrow player:too late admin:Stop when I say stop, then ask)

That is the second one, although it isn’t always a rule, it’s a good idea to chop trees from the second block so other players can get food, food shortages at spawn usually happen so often but the ‘chop from second block’ rule means there hasn’t been many food and tree complaints on amethyst due to the rule and spawn has lots of trees


if they need to ask why, then they didnt read the rules…


That usually gets them a kick!


THese are great! But nothing about hitting? C’mon people NO HITTING!! That’s an insta ban on my servers if you spam hit people. PVP is ok if you both agree. I love standing next to a noob with my little admin pole items while they start whacking away at me. BAN! (“Sorry you’re an idiot and can’t read rules, derp”)

Tapping people on accident because you were trying to grab something and they moved is ok, but apologize.

Regarding the “Everybody Sleep!!!” requests. I love/hate those on Rabbithole, because guess what? It doesn’t work!!! There are two server ghosts left over from server creation. The server owns them and unless they are both sleeping at the same time, the server never fast forwards during sleep or meditation. We just provide ppl with gold beds in the starter chests.


I really thought hitting was one of those ‘No dip, Sherlock’ manners XD


Well hitting somebody happens a lot in this game. I keep accidently hitting somebody and they do the same to me. If they hit you multiple times at once, then that would be messed up. Also not everybody wants to sleep in the game, try making a portal chest and a golden bed in your single player, then ask somebody for one on multiplayer to pull out your golden bed. Problem solved. (Walks towards door)(slips on banana peel)(While on floor, tries to reach for phone, but then sees a chicken tender that dropped under the desk from lunch)(Stops reaching for phone and starts reaching for chicken tender)


Say sorry for hitting before they act back. Type as quick as possible.


Correct. One exception of the ‘Use grammar/spelling/whatever your teachers say XD (Mine would start lecturing me on prepostitions and such)’ is the sorry. Just type in ‘Sry!!’ OR… use keyboard shortcut: IE brb-autocorrects into Be right back! (That’s what I do) something like sryhit would turn into something else.


I type the full abbreviations of almost all of the words. I type sorry as fast as I can. If I get hit, I would either eat food or walk towards a hot tub.


Spam. hit earns a /ban from me… if I’m nice a /kick.


Another way to reduce your chances of being hit accidentally is to not stand in front of things like chests, workbenches, or portals.


FacepAlm how could I have forgot? Thanks Phoenix!


Hey!!! I think you mean FacePalm not Facealm lol and your the one with the grammar