Multiplayer Manners


Ha. Curse you, bedeviled shooft keY!!!
*Shift key
I have shiftingkeyitis


I totally agree with Erick. It’s very very annoying.


Which post of Ericks?


Always hated it when the servers don’t allow you to have poll clothes.


Same here. They don’t really help griefers-oh, never mind.


Please let me know what servers you guys admin. I agree completely and have experienced EVERY SINGLE THING that annoys you on the server I’m currently playing. For me, personally, the worst is the “but plz plz give me this or that. I’m poor. No one likes me. (crying) Can’t you just give me yours? Please! You’re so mean!” These players don’t even have a workbench and they steal, grieve and beg to get everything. I tell them that if they want it, they need to make it. That’s the game. But it falls on deaf ears.


Great job! I just say my signature ‘noob move’ (Pokereference)-Earn it!


don’t ban people fro the sake of banning


I agree with this 100%. If they do this in my server I ban them so I don’t go insane


I’ve been banned on every single server I know while following all the rules. So. :frowning: it’s just my luck.


So true ;(


Make sure you choose a great server. You can’t get banned for no reason, those staff are fools…


don`t admin some one with put asking the owner



If ur a hacker then ask before paying server rent … One just maxed mine now I’ll not have the mission to go mineing for TC cubes to pay the rent … Fun spoiled grrrr… Dupe if u want but no hackers … She got banned


Two very annoying things:

Noobs asking “Where is everyone” right after spawning in.
They havent explored, so they cant see it anyway. In developed servers, people are usually REALLY FAR AWAY! People with more than one blockhead may be in several places at once. People may not WANT you to meet them. It’s even worse when they ask “We’re is everyone?” GAHHH! Can’t you even english?!?

Brown-nosers or Suck-ups.
The other day I was in my favourite server. In comes a noob:
noob: "I like star troopers, too! Can I be admin?"
me: "My image is from star wars, not star troopers."
noob: "Oh, I like star wars, too. Can I be admin?"
me: "/ban noob"
Server: “Noob has been added to the blacklist.”

Edit: One more thing that’s annoying:
punching trees! Newly arrived players come in and destroy your scenery, trying to get wood by punching trees. Wood is absolutely USELESS until you have an axe. Specially in a server where beds are easy to find. And of course all the noobs, instead of just taking the top block off the tree out, cut it down right at the base! Ahrg…

[SIZE=1]Edit 2:
regarding the reputation comment I received: “Who are you to judge foreign players who don’t know english very well?”.
English is my 3rd language, out of 4 total. I know what it is like to not know some words or spellings. However, in my experience, it is not speakers of english as a foreign language who make this kind of mistake, but native english speakers who are uneducated or lazy. When learning english as a foreign language, you easily learn the difference in PRONUNCIATION between where and we’re, as well as easily learning how they are used in COMPLETELY different contexts. The native english speaking world has succumbed to a culture of laziness where it is seen as arrogant to speak or write properly, resulting in millions of people in the last two generation mangling the language beyond comprehension. Don’t be a fool. Learn your language! Before it gets destroyed![/SIZE]


Well I solved problem of tree cutters protect all and sell wood n twigs … No money collect from all my fruit trees. And sell it , and a common one ,I WANT A JET PACK well I’ve set up a very hard treasure hunt lololol find my hidden msg in mine and win a jet pack , 1 completed it. By chance of missing mine entrance and finding the exit instead , 2 more r now trying lolol, oh. And the we,re , im dyslexic I don’t know which word is meant for what as in we,re where were wear. So I just guess same as there n their :slight_smile: but what I’m seriously not getting it why r people coming in my server swearing at me and hateing me seriously I just not getting it :confused: I never met em b4 and don’t know em lol


There are people who enjoy causing discomfort. They will join a world and grief it, abuse players, or generally disrupt play. They’re vandals, bullies, lacking in basic kindness. It’s rarely a response to anything the other players do. It’s just malice. Ban, forget :slight_smile:


That’s one thing we can’t really prevent in the game. But that teaches us how to trust who and who to not to trust.


It is good to follow the rules if you can’t find them when you arrive at a server keep searching