Multiplayer Manners


well I got banned on super fun world for talking about my server name. -_- any one can help me? i mean that doesnt fit into any reason ive read so far… (not trying to be rude to the server milla! im only trying to ask why i got banned if there is a reason)


They probably don’t like people promoting other worlds in theirs. They should really have it in the rules if that is the case, but it is a common situation. It’s a bit rude to promote your world in someone else’s :slight_smile:


That’s a rule in Secluded Park. Promoting a different server is seen as subversive - like you’re trying to steal the player base for your own server.


I have a server world I play on called New Coaldust and I have lots of friends on it and when I asked them if they wanted to help promote my server and lots of them helped. But we all went back to New Coaldust after a little while :slight_smile:


I’m a little confused. Are these Legit rules? Or are they just guidelines?


They wrote facepalm … Do look. FacepAlm how could I have forgot? Thanks Phoenix! Btw U not allowed to correct some ones spelling. It’s in the rules not to x


That post was from a year ago. I don’t think it needs correcting now.


Ok I think I had a blond moment I saw date but not year. Lol. My mistake :smiley:


Also respect admins and mods even if you are one yourself. Oh, I almost forgot, don’t forget to respect the OWNER ESPECIALLY lol…


I have this rule at my server… Yeah, now I feel bad. But think about THIS. How would you feel if there were many normal players with the same power as you, and you were admin or something?

You are the owner of a server. Lots of people have portal chests and hacked trade portals and are building everywhere, griefing, etc. You eventually have no power over anyone, and you then have to end the server. Or restart it, whatever. I bet nobody would want to do that to their servers. There are some reasons people add rules like that.



Is a flint spade something to cry over? They are worth 0.6 copper coins each.


You’d be suprised what some people cry over.
Player: "I’m starving here!! HELP ME!!!"
Me: “Go a bit to you left, there’s an orange tree.”


Pine, you should add more general rules like no hacking and stuff


I recommend getting a coffee cherry tree.


OMG VOCAB WERD!!! lol im sorry, its just we have this thing with a chart and vocab words… :stuck_out_tongue:


surprised nobody posted this ye (unless I missed it) but: Dont go onto random servers, go to the trade portal, and buy like 500 baskets, then leave.
That happened on one of my servers once, and I’m sure if you have publoc trade portals where everything is free than sooner r later this will happen

@milla is there any way you could fix this, like maybe make it so you can only buy baskets 1 at a time?


This has already been announced as one of the changes in 1.7.


People could tap like 10000000000 times and boom bye bye pixel art server


I doubt someone would take a lot of time to do that.


I remember once I was on my server and this person came on and was like admin me or I will back ur server and ban you…never do this u will get ip banned probably.