Multiplayer Manners


It happens. Ignore the threat as it maybe false.

If it ends up true and they grief your server just report them to milla.


I feel like some people just lack manners, no matter the age. Being respectful and trustworthy can get you a long way. Don’t insult others, don’t beg for things when someone said no, don’t abuse power, no bullying, things like that. I’ve had people come on my servers and make fun of people for their usernames and pictures and even their builds :neutral_face: A multiplayer world is someone’s own representation of creativity and inspiration through the game, and it is wrongful to degrade that person for it.

  1. That was not recent at all.
  2. It was a simple spelling mistake, please don’t point out others’ spelling/grammar/punctuation to be wrong, or point it out in general.


yea sorry oops. just realised it was a 2015 post.


No problem, thanks for fixing that. :slight_smile:


@PineapplePegasus Nice post! This is all overall true and thanks for the advice XD


PineapplePegasus quit a while ago.


Is she still a beta tester for Blockheads tho? It makes sense to ask this here.


Yes. Once a beta tester, always a beta tester, unless you totally blow it by revealing spoilers or something.


Makes sense to me! :slight_smile:


@WumboJumbo Okay, Thanks :pray:


this should be on every server!


Every server…

Player1: Can I have admin?

Admin: No!

Message: Connection Failed You’ve been banned.