Multiplayer Manners


I feel like some people just lack manners, no matter the age. Being respectful and trustworthy can get you a long way. Don’t insult others, don’t beg for things when someone said no, don’t abuse power, no bullying, things like that. I’ve had people come on my servers and make fun of people for their usernames and pictures and even their builds :neutral_face: A multiplayer world is someone’s own representation of creativity and inspiration through the game, and it is wrongful to degrade that person for it.

  1. That was not recent at all.
  2. It was a simple spelling mistake, please don’t point out others’ spelling/grammar/punctuation to be wrong, or point it out in general.


yea sorry oops. just realised it was a 2015 post.


No problem, thanks for fixing that. :slight_smile:


@PineapplePegasus Nice post! This is all overall true and thanks for the advice XD


PineapplePegasus quit a while ago.


Is she still a beta tester for Blockheads tho? It makes sense to ask this here.


Yes. Once a beta tester, always a beta tester, unless you totally blow it by revealing spoilers or something.


Makes sense to me! :slight_smile:


@WumboJumbo Okay, Thanks :pray:


this should be on every server!


Every server…

Player1: Can I have admin?

Admin: No!

Message: Connection Failed You’ve been banned.


This is great advice, also other ways to not get banned I encourage you to pursue is to:

  1. Do not ask for admin, this creates a lot of frustration in servers because its an absolute “No” in most cases.
  2. In pvp servers do not kill an administrator or moderator, why is because some of these admins don’t ban with justice, some ban you because they feel like it or they dislike you for whatever reason, so killing an admin (even when you allowed too) will sometimes make them mad and they will ban you.
  3. Pineapple already said this and it is a great rule, but respect authority, if you go tell the owner to #### off the chances are he’s gonna ban you, admins also. They may be less inclined if you did the same to a player but still respect everyone in general, and they will respect you back.
  4. Also for the dwindling amount of good hackers out there, don’t go on someones server and start flying with no jetpack, they will assume your intention is to harm their server and they may ban you, so for the hackers out there you also shouldn’t be hacking in the first place, just play the game how it is meant to be played, but if you must, ask the owner or an administrator online before you hack.


Don’t be that guy who never talks and destroys all the blocks and trees without leaving the stumps.


if it’s a faction server it’s fine


Basically, don’t cuss (swear) don’t ask for a position (admin/mod) and be respectful to the staff and owner, duh.


Here is a new version of rules I came up with:

  1. If you are an owner or admin do not have rules that place you above the rest, like only admins can have 5 blockheads, Platinum coins, etc… it is unfair! (Although owners can make up their own rules some may find it unfair.)
  2. Resist the temptation of stealing.
  3. Do not be mean to other players.
  4. Do not cuss on multiplayer, or at other players.
  5. Do not bully people or harass them…
  6. Do not lie on multiplayer, or at other players.
  7. Do not use hacks, cheats or exploits on multiplayer.
  8. Do not grief Buildings, as it may be found rude.
  9. When an admin or mod, do not abuse your powers. (Ex: banning for no reason)
  10. Be nice, and respect others. Rather then being mean…


Yeah. What Haynes said.