Multiplayer Server: Earth Taken

Please come and join this new server. We are looking for new players that want to start and adventure!
The rules are these:
*Please be respectful and mindful of other players as they could be of different ages

  1. Dont ask for Admin/Mod as you will most likely not get answered. This is won over time and the trust you build with the owner and staff
  2. Dont break other peoples houses or steal other peoples stuff
  3. Dont be annoying/rude to any players or spam the chat. Let the players enjoy their time on the server
  4. Dont hack/dupe as this makes the server slow and lag. Anyone caught doing so will most likely get kicked or banned

**If you wish to build a house got to the left or right of spawn and cross the oceans. After crossing the oceans all the land is unprotected. Spawn island is protected so we can keep it nice and tidy.

This is a Public, Non-PvP server, The only goal is for you to join and have fun. Build amazing and elaborate structures, or build a home to share with your friends, the only limit is your imagination.

Our staff is small at the moment but these are the names of the players:
ADMINS: fiji_water2, kingofskyz, arrow_head
MODS: in4_mation


@arrow_head Please elaborate more on your server. :slight_smile:

Invite link?

This could be helpful.

Please link people to the actual rules about this, rather than your personal preferences.

The official rules thread is here:

how do you get that?

oof sorry, didn’t see that one

As far as I’m concerned, you must be the owner of the server you’ve mentioned to be able to make a world thread about it.

Yes, you definitely have to be the owner of record.

The OP is not the owner.

So I gathered from your previous post, which is why I posted to reinforce that with arrow_head. We will see whether the actual owner has a forums account I can transfer thread ownership to, and if they don’t I will close the thread.

Got it. Thanks! :grin:

Go to the world go to settings into invite world and copy the link provided and past it here

Are you THEBANNANAMAN? If not does that player have a forums account?

Hi I am not THEBANNANAMAN. I am just an admin on his server/world. The other day I was looking up ideas of buildings from other players trying to get inspiration to build something on the server. I stumbled across these forums, and at first I thought it was a type of Wiki for the game. Then I saw some people talking about/ advertising their servers. Since not many players are joining Earth Taken and staying, I got the idea of making this post on here to try and attract new players. I was not aware that to advertise a server you had to be the owner, I am very sorry for any confusion I caused. The owner of the world (THEBANNANAMAN) is fully aware that I made this post to advertise our server and is okay with it. I (arrow_head) and not the owner of Earth Taken and THEBANNANMAN does not have a forums account.

Whether or not he’s okay with it isn’t the point, sorry. There’s a reason why have the rule that the world owner should always have ultimate control over their world’s thread, and that is that they can make changes to the first post in the thread, even if they have a terrible falling out with their world staff.

Thread closed. If he wishes he can sign up here and post a world thread. Alternatively, if he joins and requests it, I will change ownership of the thread to him, and re-open it. Until then I’m afraid that’s it.